Game of Thrones House Tyrell Bracelet

game-of-thrones-house-tyrell-wallpaperHouse Tyrell becomes one of the most important families as the Song of Fire and Ice continues, but they were not introduced until the second book.  The Tyrells are Wardens of the South and hail from Highgarden, the fertile area of Westeros where most of the food is grown.  As such, they are very rich and only exceeded by the Lannisters in their wealth; however, they can raise a great army as well, which is why their allegiance is so valuable in the series.

The knights from Highgarden are known for their chivalry and romance, and the family is often associated with flowers.  Ser Loras is a gallant and skilled swordsman, and is much admired by the ladies even if his interests run the other way.  His sister, Margaery has great ambition and married, not one but three Kings in her quest to be Queen of Westeros.  The other important figure from this family is their grandmother, Lady Olenna whose tart tongue earned her the nickname, Queen of Thorns.

This is a vastly interesting family and I created my favorite bracelet to date for these Game of Thrones posts.  The *redbalifrog* flowers are absolutely perfect for this theme, especially the Roses (silver and brass).  The brass Roses charm and Roses lock are fitting both for the motif and as a representation of their wealth, since it looks like gold.  I also choose *redbalifrog* Queen of the World (horizontal) for Margaery and Babushka for their iron-willed grandmother.  Are you a fan of the Tyrells?

Bead index (starting from left, *redbalifrog* charms and Trollbeads glass): brass rose lock, rose, LE asian hearts, unique mint dillo, frangipani (retired), unique pink and green ornament, engraved romance, babushka, emerald, LE mother’s rose, daisy chain, unique mint flower dillo, LE pink hearts love symphony, mother’s rose, rose quartz, unique green flowers, queen of the world, pink petals, unique mint bubbles, brass roses.

  • Jae

    You are so creative, Leann-I always luv your designs, but I think this is one of my favs!!!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Jae! Me too :D.

  • Lozzie

    Very pretty bracelet Leann. Love GOT.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Lozzie! It’s an awesome show :D.