Game of Thrones House Martell Bracelet

game-of-thrones-martell-wallpaperAnother family that was introduced later in the show are the Martells from Dorne. I always imagined Dorne, a southern tip of Westeros, to be similar to Spain.  In the series, Dorne is removed from King’s Landing and has its own culture and traditions, much different than the rest of the country it seems.  Their capital is called Sunspear as the seat of House Martell and they are a very fiery people, like their sigil suggests.

The Martells first come into books via Prince Oberyn Martell, the brother of the ruler, Prince Doran Martell.  He is hot-tempered and lives to avenge the death of his sister, Elia who was married to Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and killed by the Lannisters in their overthrow of House Targaryen.  He is known as the Red Viper and he has a number of bastard daughters called the Sand Snakes.  Prince Doran is much more level headed and is a fitting ruler for Dorne.

For this bracelet, again I used the colors of their house as well as the red and yellow to represent the climate and the landscape.  The *redbalifrog* Arrow is the perfect charm to represent the Sunspear and Alex Cramariuc Mandalas look just like the rising sun.  Otherwise, with the exotic aesthetic of this region, I included the Trollbeads Spiritual Ornament and Spiritual Adornment too.  How do you imagine Dorne?  What would you use to represent this family?

Bead index (starting from left, glass is Trollbeads): sun moon stars lock, Redbalifrog arrow, unique red flower, unique yellow longevity, TB spiritual adornment, autumn foliage, unique red flower, Alex Cramariuc Mandala mandala sphere open, unique yellow quilt, saffron facet, Alex Cramariuc mandala disc large, scarlet bud, root chakra, Redbalifrog snake, unique yellow ornament, unique cherry dillo, Alex Cramariuc mandala sphere, autumn rays, unique yellow lines, TB spiritual ornament, unique red conch, 2008 LE unique red and yellow dangle.