Featuring Alex and Ani

alex-and-ani-coverI stumbled upon Alex and Ani earlier in the year when I was on a trip to New England searching for Pandora and I was intrigued but still very focused on my Pandora collection so I didn’t delve into these bracelets at the time.  Now months later, my roving eye has wandered back to this brand and it’s conveniently carried by Nordstroms and Fireworks.  The designer, Carolyn Rafaelian, named the company after her oldest two daughters and their philosophy is to create items of beauty that promotes consciousness and positive energy.  The main staple of Alex and Ani are their single charm bangles, which are expandable so one size fits all.  The wonderful thing about this company is that all the products are made in the US, and created from recycled scrap metal so they are incredibly eco-friendly and incredibly affordable!  Most single charm bangles are only $28, and since they’re perfect for stacking it doesn’t hurt as badly to get a few ;).

The bracelets come in two main colors – Russian gold and Russian silver, both are a “dirtier” version than the usual gold and silver plated jewelry.  The gold color is a cross between rose and yellow gold, while the silver is a darker, blacker shade.  Russian gold is their signature finish and gives the jewelry a very bohemian look.  The medallions featured on these bangles represent a wide array of topics, ranging from the spiritual to licensed products like Disney, Major League Baseball, Olympics, and the military.  Each charm on the bracelet is accompanied by 3 other tiny medals making the most delicious jingle especially when they are stacked with other bangles.

It was extremely difficult to decide on which charms to purchase, but I was partly limited by my selection in the store.  I decided to get the Tree of Life which is the symbol representing continued growth; Daughter charm so that I remember my mother; Lotus Peace Petals reminds me to take in the beauty that surrounds me; and the St. Christopher Medal (the Patron Saint of Travelers) can  hopefully protect me since I drive like a maniac!  These are all gorgeous pieces and I’m so happy with my choices.

Right now, to usher in the new year, they’re giving $5 off any of their 9 “Resolution” bangles with the code BESTYEAREVER through 11:59 EST on New Year’s Eve (12/31).


    My daughter received one as a gift for Christmas this year from a relative. Very cute. Question for you. When stacking, do you think it best to stick with one color ‘metal’ theme or say if stacking 4 like you did, how many ‘mixed’ metal do you think would look better? (eg. 3 silver, 1 gold… 2 silver, 2 gold) Not sure. Figured I would ask the opinion of the bracelet guru herself, LOL. 😀

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Hi Wendy, personally I like to stack in one color but the two-tone look is great too! It’s really your preference. 🙂

  • Ashley

    Wow LeAnn I’m catching up on all your blogs I’ve missed the past couple of weeks….I’m loving this look of this particular brand. I’m a huge shopper at Nordstrom but I can’t say I’ve recalled seeing this brand. I’m definitely going to look into this….great prices too. 🙂

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      They’re great bangles! The brand isn’t carried at all the stores, but they are sold online at Nordstrom.com, I think.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1483399595 Ramona Pankey-McCoy

    I got one on these bracelets several years ago in a gift bag from a Christmas party at Columbus circle. I guess I have to go in the jewelry box and revive it.

  • Karen Thielemann-Sanzone

    How come the bracelets I just received don’t say Alex and ani on the back of disk? And they didn’t come in plastic?

    • Leann

      Oh no! I don’t know, I’ve got Alex and Ani engraved on all my bracelets. They don’t come in plastic as far as I know.