My Favorite byBiehl Pods

bybiehl-braceletsSince I started covering byBiehl last fall, I’ve slowly been collecting charms, or pods, for my byBiehl bracelets.  Their flat leather bracelets are ideal for the summertime and I’ve been wanting to showcase them for a while now.  They’ve got a mix of finishes including silver, oxidized, gold, and most recently rose gold.  I’m rather drawn to their silver and oxidized designs and they blend well together.  The pods are well crafted and hefty making for interesting and high quality pieces.

I started off with Little Friend to represent my fur baby and it’s close to my heart; it’s dual toned with a black oxidized background and two silver paws raised in relief.  I picked Pebbles because it has such great texture and asymmetry with the little rocks varying in size and placement.  Daisy is another dual tone pod with silver leaves and a black disc center that resembles crystals but is just oxidized dots.

I got two cosmic themed pods, one called Night Fever Black and Stars which are both rhodium plated charms.  Night Fever Black has three stars – one jeweled with crystals and two high-polished.  Stars is an openworks pod and star cutouts all over the matte pod.  My absolute favorite so far is the long named Eyes-On-the-Stars-Feet-On-the-Ground, a two-piece from the Camille Kaasby-Wang collection.  It’s another design with star motifs, the North Star on one pod and a smaller star on the other, connected together with two chains.

The other pods on these bracelets include the byBiehl Inspirational Charity Pod and the Forget-Me-Not from the spring promotion (still available). I’m a fan of this brand and for more details on their concept, check out my byBiehl Introduction.  The pods are rather expensive compared to other charms, but the amount of metal used and quality make up for it, plus you only need a couple to wear on the bracelet.  My recommended retailer is Perlen, which offers free international shipping.  Are you intrigued by this brand?


  • Monica Ruth Hucks

    Looks neat! A little minimal-istic as opposed to the blingy, dangly Pandora charms. By the way, I’m hooked on
    Pandora! Got my first bracelet mid-July and I’ve already got a second bracelet and 20 charms! I’m a charms addict! Love your blog!

    • Leann

      Thanks Monica :). They’re very elegant designs. It’s hard to stop once you get started!

  • Dorothy

    The Biehl charms are very cool. I have to see just how much they cost. I like the Daisy and Eyes on the stars and feet on the ground charm.
    I am so hooked on the charms !! I started with Pandora but I also love Troll Arabian collection. Redbalifrog is cool too. I love the Aladin’s Lamp charm!

    • Leann

      They’re a bit pricier, but I justify it by saying you don’t need that many on a bracelet as oppose to 20-25 beads on a traditional silver bracelet ;).

  • filiaecclesia

    Do you know if Trollbeads has any bead similar to Little Friend above? I’d love something to celebrate my “little girl”! Thanks for such a fun and interesting blog!

  • Michelle

    Leann, I am trying to determine the size bracelet to order. Should they be worn snug so that the pods don’t fall to the bottom? I wear a 7.5 with pandora when it is full.
    Thanks for your help!

    • Leann

      I would recommend a more snug fit, so probably try a 7.1″ bracelet :).

  • Valentina Ternovaya

    I absolutely loved these bracelets , I should deffinately get me one or two of those ))) btw on the silver bracelet the charms fit the same as on the leather ones? Will I need special stoppers on the silver bracelet? Thanx)

    • Leann

      Btw, the silver bracelet featured in the picture is the byBiehl bangle which cannot hold the pods. The silver mesh bracelet works the same way as their leather bracelets.

      • Valentina Ternovaya

        Thank you) I already ordered me the leather one) waiting for my package to arrive)

  • Charlotte Biehl

    Thanks for a great blog post Leann. We love your the way you have styled your byBiehl bracelet 🙂

    • Leann

      Thank you, Charlotte! I’m so excited to see you stop by :).

  • Michelle

    Will do, thanks Leann!

  • Valentina Ternovaya

    Thank you)

  • disqus_7xtfjMO3Ke

    Can the Pandora charms fit on the byBiehl flat leather bracelet?

    • Leann

      No, the byBiehl bracelet is not compatible with other charms.