Eske Storm Viking Ships

eske-storm-viking-ships-closeupI had the pleasure of introducing Eske Storm and his work for Trollbeads in a previous post and today I take a look at a couple pieces from his own brand, Eske Storm Goldsmith Design. What really attracted me to this brand is the strong dynamic lines and their storytelling ability. Eske draws inspiration from his Scandinavian heritage with many of the designs being inspired by Norse and Viking history.

The Vikings were the seafaring explorers, conquerors, and raiders from northern Germania which consists of Northwestern Europe today. The Viking expansion lasted for approximately 300 hundred years from the 8th century through the 11th. The large ships or commonly known as the Viking ships, were their source of power and reach so became one of the main symbols for the culture. Much of what we know about these ships come from the discovery of buried vessels in Scandinavia; there are generally two types, the longships for war and the knarr for trading. The longships were designed for speed and agility, boasting a long and narrow hull made for landing troops in shallow waters. The knarr were used as a merchant ships for carrying cargo so had a broader hull and wider girth.

trollbeads-viking-shipThese Viking ships were the muse behind Eske’s ship charms, of which there are three. Unarguably all three of these designs are longships with the narrow hulls and drafts to cut quickly through the water to deliver the raiders. The first one I became acquainted with is the Trollbeads World Tour Denmark Viking Ship and one of my first World Tour purchases. The clean lines and power of the ship grabbed my attention and it still fascinates me today.

eske-storm-magic-runeSo when I saw these next two charms at Eske’s store, I knew I had to feature them here*. The Viking Ship Magic Rune has the basic body style as the Trollbeads Viking Ship except that it features a single mast and sail rising through the middle of the boat. I’m surprised that the World Tour version lacks a sail, but its simple elegance works well too. The sail is front facing and adds quite a bit of depth to the ship, the cloth also sports stylized runes.

eske-storm-sea-stallionI imagine that Eske patterned his Viking Ship Sea Stallion after the reconstructed 11th century Viking Ship, the Skuldelev 2, which was excavated and rebuilt using old Viking techniques.  It was renamed the Sea Stallion by Queen Margrethe 2nd of Denmark and set sail in 2007 to Dublin, Ireland where the original was made.  Eske’s version has a majestic sail; quilted by the look of it and facing sideways.  It, like the other two, also features a dragon figurehead which reminds me of the Game of Thrones books.  Very fearsome!

These three are definitely part of a set and I’m so happy to have the whole collection.  I created a bright blue bracelet to represent the waters that these longships cut through on their journey to conquer distant lands. I absolutely adore these beads, what do you think of these viking ships?


Bead index (starting from left):  big fish lock, LE blue unique ornament, unique blue dillo, unique blue swirls, seaman & mermaid, unique blue braid, WT Hong Kong skyline, Eske Storm sea stallion, throat chakra, unique blue new moons, treasures, unique blue dillo, milky way, WT Denmark viking ship, blue diamond, unique blue ornament, bead of fortune, unique blue flies, unique blue swirl and bubbles, Eske Storm magic runes, unique blue bubbles, unique blue spinner flowers, jellyfish (retired).

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  • Jeanne

    The WT Viking Ship, WT Runes, Wave of Dreams, and Big Fish Lock were my very first Trollbeads. I placed them alone on a bracelet along with a couple of stoppers. I love the simplicity of this bracelet and it tells a little story, too!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Jeanne :). The ships are so wonderfully detailed, I love the history and culture that inspired the designs.

  • sara

    Do these ships only fit Trollbeads bracelets or can I put them on Pandora bracelets?

    • Leann

      Unfortunately they don’t :(. Trollbeads or any other chain that doesn’t have threads.

  • Lindzy2188

    I posted this review in another place but I think it is more fitting here.

    As beautiful as these beads look online in pictures I will not be buying anymore Eske Storm charms I bought one of the viking ships which it ended up being one of the more costly beads I own. I was so excited about receiving my bead after hearing the rave reviews on this blog. Unfortunately, I was sorely disappointed with the craftsmanship of my viking ship. It seemed so unfinished. The back of the sail is blank, the design just stops, as too with the inside of the ship body. At first I thought it was a mistake and I received a bead that was only half finished.

    I am a HUGE fan of Red Bali Frogs because the designer thinks out every millimeter of the bead and designs it so it is beautifully from ever visible (and even non-visible angel). While the ship photographs wonderfully the execution of this bead is no where near the same level of mastery. Its “unfinished” parts are so visible on a bracelet and looks like a cheap toy next to my other beads that this bead has found a forever home on my “reject” bracelet with all the beads I bought that are not good enough for everyday wear but cannot be returned. So basically a throwaway piece for me.

    • Leann

      Oh no :(. That’s really too bad. I try to photograph the bead from all sides, but yes the back of the sail is unfinished. It doesn’t bother me so much because it doesn’t catch my eye and I like having it to pair with the Trollbeads WT viking ship.