Eske Storm Site Relaunch

eske-storm-logoEske Storm has been a fan favorite designer of Trollbeads for many years now and he’s also had his own line as well.  After a brief hiatus, he is back at it with a brand new website and 3 charms that will be launching on Friday, December 4th.  These pieces are called Turtle Shell, Paper Boat, and Hurricane Snake, and I’m so excited to be previewing them today.

Eske’s designs has always appealed to me, both the ones he’s done for Trollbeads and his own line too.  His aesthetic is more unisex and often self-described as space viking, but these new beads seem to be a departure from his typical style in a great way.  The theme of this collection is organic and earthy, a real tribute to nature which is why it really speaks to me.

These charms will be sold on his website Eske Storm, available on December 4th.  Have you been a fan of this artisan?

  • Sharene

    I love the Hurricane Snake … but I can’t afford 80 EURO’s for what other’s would be charging $40 tops. Just can’t see it. I know you’re paying for his “name”, but I just can’t. That is just me, of course, and I think he will sell out, as he always does 🙂 Good for Him !!!