Engraved Muranos

I’ve been anticipating the bracelet promo for so long that I had such a good time this last weekend!  Too good a time…I ended up getting 4 bracelets with the promo and since I’ve known about it for a while I had started designing and collecting beads for these anticipated bracelets.  I decided on doing something to represent my alma mater for a theme; I went to undergrad and grad school at University of Washington so it has a special place in my heart.  The school’s colors are purple and gold (sometimes yellow if gold is unavailable) and Pandora has plenty of charms for both colors.  But I wanted to do something more than just having the colors for the school, something that was more identifiable, and I found this fantastic company that engraves Muranos.  I had been asked if anybody did this and I had no idea that it was even possible because I thought that the glass would be too fragile to be engraved on but I’m happy to be wrong!

Pandora Towson (owned by Smyth Jewelers) offers this wonderful service on their website.  You can either go into/send to their store your Murano for engraving or purchase the Murano on the phone and have the engraving done together.  The image or text is sandblasted into the Murano glass and as long as it’s a simple design the image is nice and clear.  They can pretty much engrave anything you want as long as you keep in mind the space available on the Murano; you can pick the image or specify the font text and color!  The engraving looks best with the candy cane stripe Muranos or swirls Muranos, but they’ll do it on whichever bead you desire.  I have a feeling that the engraving will look just as good on the new looking glass Muranos because they are styled the same as the candy cane beads – the color is around the center and it’s clear glass on top.  Unfortunately, because Pandora has strict limitations on shipping outside the country, these can only be shipped within the US.

The prices are very reasonable as well:

  • Simple engraving, i.e. a name or number, initials or a date are $25.
  • Solid logos (e.g. solid heart or a solid star) are $30.
  • Detailed logos (e.g. a paw print or a team logo) are $40.
  • If engraving on both sides, there is a charge for both sides so if it is a name on both sides it would be $50, if it is a name on one side and a heart on the other it would be $55 and so on.
  • If you have a special request you can always call first to make sure they can do it and get pricing before you send your bead in.

These pictures are courtesy of Pandora Towson and are some examples of what can be engraved; you can also get the silver heart engraved, it looks like they sandblast the surrounding surface and leave the image silver to give it some texture.

I received one Murano and ordered another – I had this idea to do “HUSKIES” (the mascot) on the yellow candy cane Murano and “UW” on the lavender candy cane Murano.  They took two weeks for me to get them in the mail and I LOVE them!  They are exactly what I had in mind and are going to make this bracelet so special and unique for me.  What’s extra cool is that these came in the Pandora anti-tarnish pouches that I haven’t been able to get my hands on.  I’m off to a great start on this bracelet!

Note: One Murano was provided as a sample by Smyth Jewelers, but I purchased the other one. For more information please view our Disclosure Policy.

  • Karen Sullivan

    Can we access this in Australia, I’m having trouble, thinking its only a USA offer ??

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      They only ship in the US, yes :(.

  • Pam

    There is also a Pandora store in Dallas that does the engraving. I haven’t had it done yet but they did mention it. Not sure if they will ship, etc.

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Pam – no stores are allowed to ship outside of their country, that’s not just for the US but worldwide as well. Pandora has very strict rules regarding their products that are placed on the retailer. 🙁

    • Amy

      Hi there! Do you know which Pandora in Dallas it is?

  • Joyce

    Not even shipping to Canada?:(

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Probably not, Joyce :(. You could call and ask? I could help you if you really like them.


    Very nice, Leann!

  • Marty

    I have a question, I am fairly new to Pandora, Do you know where I can find one of the rare more blue and teal colored murano ribbon charms. I a dying to find one, and have had no luck. Also I am looking for the light blue seeing spots. Thank you! Marty

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Marty – are you talking about the teal variation that’s more blue? I don’t know where you would find one. The times when people have gotten them are either they found it in person or have gotten people to look in person for them since it not under a different product code. Sorry :(. Good luck!

    • Joyce

      Marty…I’m pretty sure I saw one at the concept store in my area(Calgary, Canada) yesterday. Is it Item #790611?

  • Lisa S

    I actually went to my Pandora store yesterday and saw some samples they had of the engraved muranos. They told me all about the process, so it’s funny that you shared it today! This company seems to do wonderful branding. I also love the idea of the alma mater bracelet.

  • Marty

    Hi again! Thanks for the responses!!! Leann, yes that is the one I am talking about!! Someone on the pandora Facebook page was selling one, and i was too late to snatch it up! 🙁 if anyone here can get their hands on one I would gladly swap charms, or purchase charms. I am in the US. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂 Thank you ladies!

    • Joyce

      Hi Marty, This is Joyce, I replied to your message about the blue/teal striped murano bead. If it is #970611, I believe I can buy one for you…if you would like. The price would be $42.00. Here in Canada, muranos are $40.00 plus 5% sales tax, for a total of $42.00 plus whatever it costs to ship to you in the US. Can you post an email address, so I can contact you directly? I’m on the Facebook page too, so you could contact me there if you don’t want to post your email address here. It’s Joyce Johnson, I’ve been posting quite a lot the last little while.:)

    • Joyce

      Hi again, Marty. I have just left you a message of the Pandora Facebook page. I think it will be a little better if we contact each other that way. I don’t want to take over Leann’s blog.:)

      • Marty

        Hi Joyce! Just wanted to leave my email address as I deactivated my Facebook account. I have the normal teal colored one, but need the rare more blue one. I can email you a pic. Thanks so much you are so sweet!!!! Sorry about all the messages Leann. 🙂

      • Joyce

        Sure Marty that would be fine.:) I’m not quite sure what you mean about the normal teal colored one and the more rare blue one. The only one’s I’ve seen all look very similar. We are talking about #970611, right? It’s a stripe with teal and blue. What is your email address? It might be best if you do email me a picture.:) I will be out all day tomorrow having Easter pictures taken, but I will respond as soon as I can.
        Sorry, Leann…don’t mean to hijack your blog.♥

  • Marty
  • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

    Lol. Glad I can facilitate :).

    • Joyce

      Thanks, Leann:)

  • Anne

    The Pandora store at the Plaza in Kansas City also engraves the Muranos.

  • http://www.thea-dstudio.com Thea

    Cool! I’ll check them out. I wonder if there’s a Pandora store here in CA who does the same thing 🙂

  • Ellen

    Pandora at Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee, WI offers as well. But I don’t see why “WE” can’t ship it to someone outside of the US…tee..hee

  • Dario

    Hi….. does anyone know where I can get the laser engraving on murano glass in Canada….. would like to get two murano charms engraved from the kids to their mom for Mother’s day? Any help is appreciated. thx

    • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

      Hi Dario, I don’t know of any Canadian companies that do it :(. You should ask your local Pandora retailer though.

      • Dario

        Thx all the same….. will find a way….. 🙂

  • http://charmsaddict.com Leann

    That is too bad, Kehri! Have you contacted the store in Maui? Maybe they’ll send you out a replacement? 🙁

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=512097008 Kehri Fisher

      Hi Leann, can you please delete my comment. Thank you

  • Christine

    I just wanted to comment that I just spoke with someone at the Towson store in MD and I’m being told that if you want to mail in a particular murano to be engraved, you have to contact their parent company, Smyth Jewelers, directly. Sounds like the only way you can get one from Towson is if you buy it from them.

    • Leann

      Oh interesting! I’ve always just ordered from them and they do the engraving directly :). Thanks for the info, Christine. 🙂

  • Laura Foriero

    Hey there, I just discovered this blog and I do need your help! I am on a hunt for a specific Murano charm from Pandora. See a colleague of mine just came back from Italy and bought herself the Italian murano charm. It’s basically a murano charm with the Italian flag inside, it kind of resembles the beach ball charm, however the colors are the ones of the Italian flag, and it’s murano. I am unable to find this charm anywhere online. I can’t find any information whatsoever about, or even picture. I went to the united-states this summer, it is not there. I was wondering if maybe that charm is only available in Italy ? For example, I live in Montreal and Pandora here does sell murano charms with ” Montreal” engraved in them, but I doubt it would be available in other countries, and is probably the same for the charm I’m looking for. I would love to get my hand on it somehow, and I was wondering of anyone on this blog knows about it? Thank you so much. Laura xxx

  • Jennifer Fontan

    hi please help!!! i dont know how to login to this page. i just made an account to be able to comment. but im not sure why i cant login to charm addict

    • Leann

      Hi Jennifer, you don’t need a login on the website. You can comment by signing in on Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, or as anonymous.

  • Guest

    I’m looking for engraving in New Zealand 🙂 anyone have any ideas?

  • Sarah

    This is really exciting to me I have been thinking why isnt there a blank scroll or some sort of charm that can be engraved. So now im on the hunt for engravin in New Zealand, anyone know of anywhere?

    • Leann

      I only know the one company in the US and they’re not allowed to ship outside the country :(.

  • Courtney

    The Pandora stores in Charleston, SC sell Muranos with the state logo (a palmetto tree and moon) and local sports teams’ names engraved on them. I love being able to buy them without going through an extra step and was wondering if anywhere else did this! Amazing!

  • Linds Weinert

    Just stumbled across this. Just so everyone knows they are not laser engraved we do them by hand 🙂