DutchBeadsNPoppers by Evelien Pauw

dutchbeadsnpoppers-coverI’m pleased to introduce one of my favorite artisan designers, Evelien Pauw! Her charms were some of the first artisan beads that I bought when I started looking at independent craftsmen.  Evelien creates her jewelry from her home workshop in the Netherlands and sells worldwide through her Etsy store, DutchBeadsNPoppers.  She has been making lampwork beads since 2005 and hasn’t looked back since.  Her armadillos and caterpillars are my absolute favorites, sure to rival even Trollbeads’ own, and will be featured separately in upcoming reviews.  In addition to making fantastic glass beads, Evelien also offers a number of unique “poppers” – for anyone familiar with Noosa Amsterdam these are similar but more affordable and features quirky designs, a number of silver charms, and also some unique jewelry pieces.

Most DutchBeadsNPoppers glass beads are small cored and will only fit on threadless bracelets, like Trollbeads and Novobeads, but there are a few universal large core available too.  The silver core is one piece and is set flush with the glass so as to not distract from the design.  These lampwork beads are consistent in size and the same as Trollbeads glass which they pair perfectly with.  In addition, not only does Evelien create wonderful designs of her own, she can custom make colors and patterns that you would like!  If you’re as frustrated as me when trying to hunt down a certain shade in a certain style to match the other beads for your project, then you’ll find that her service is a godsend (especially at half the price).

I’ve purchased from Evelien’s shop many times, including custom orders, and have had great experiences.  I own a number of her beads and look forward to showcasing them in the following weeks.  Have explored artisan charms before?  Are you a fan of Evelien’s?

  • sara

    I see that she makes memorial beads using ashes. I would be interested in incorporating my pet’s ashes into a bead. Have you ordered a memorial bead from Evelien? Do you know what the procedure is?

    • Leann

      Yes, I will feature those in upcoming posts as well as they’re such a wonderful way to remember your loved ones and carry a part of them with you. I haven’t tried this service yet, but I’ve read from Evelien’s shop that all she needs is about a teaspoon of the ashes and she’ll send back any extra with the charm. You can discuss colors and designs with her.

      • Carolyn Klement

        Now that is VERY interesting 🙂 I may just hold onto that information for future ^.^

      • Leann

        Thankfully I haven’t had to use Evelien’s services in this regard, but I would definitely do something like this!

  • Francine

    Are these beads stamped with 925 or artist stamp?

    • Leann

      The core is silver but it’s not hallmarked.

      • Francine

        Thanks Leann , pretty glass, but prefer all my silver stamped 925 or sterling.

  • Faye

    Sara, You contact Evelien and she will arrange to get ashes from you and incorporate them into a floral bead. You can ask her for other colors if you don’t like the colors on her standard memorial bead, but I think the colors are lovely and soft.

  • Leigh

    Her glass beads look just gorgeous! The Choose and Change Chain Pendants are a clever idea that would be fun to try. Leann, thank you so much for doing these artisan reviews. I discovered Kathy Perras from your blog and love her beads now.

    • Leann

      You’re welcome! I love discovering new artists and she does *such* great work! 🙂

  • Carolyn Klement

    Not a fan, but thanks for sharing! 🙂 I always love looking at new shiny things!

    • Leann


  • Rachel

    Oooo! Great quality and great price! Love the chunky turquoise stone and silver beads, wonder how they look in person! I have been hoping troll would get in on the “chunky turquoise” look…

    • Leann

      I’ve been eyeing turquoise lately too! I’ve got a natural stone from another artisan designer. These are really cool too. I love Trollbeads gemstones and I hope they’ll do more too.

  • Maria

    I have some artisan beads from Anne Meiborg, she’s also from the netherlands. I think I payed 15 dollars per bead, and I love them! The quality is great, so far no problems and I’ve had them about 2 months now, It is always a bit risky buying artisan beads, I think.

    • Leann

      Beautiful! It is always a risk, sometimes the beads just don’t work quite as well, but what I’m the most picky about are the silver cores. Sometimes the tubing overlaps on the glass or it doesn’t look right, but Evelien’s are perfect! They’re flush against the glass and that’s one of the things I love about her beads, aside from the wonderful designs of course ;). Thanks for sharing your picture!

  • Joyce Hulings

    I have purchased beads from Evelien and they are magnificent.

    • Leann

      They really are! Thanks for your feedback, Joyce :).

  • Mirjam Knebel

    She lives in my hometown and until today I didn’t know she existed!

    • Leann

      What a coincidence! She’s a fabulous artist :).