DutchBeadsNPoppers Baroque Collection


New from Dutch artisan Evelien Pauw are her amazing Baroque Collection!  These are actually lampwork glass beads but they remind me strongly of the limited Trollbeads Trollstones released in 2008.  These are marbled multi-colored glass with a ornamental streak along the middle available in a multitude of shades.  They’re a wonderful alternative to the Trollbeads Trollstones which are quite expensive now, but these glass beads are only ~$22USD or €15.95.  Evelien is taking preorders through tomorrow (April 5th) and if you get preorder, you can pick the core size (Trollbeads or Pandora size).  Otherwise, she does mainly Trollbeads small sized single piece silver cores which do not fit threaded bracelets.  Her designs are amazing and really well done in high quality.  Her shop, DutchBeadsNPoppers can be found on Etsy and she’s also showing the beads on her Facebook page for preordering.

  • FairObjective

    Leann…I *love* these; just beautiful. Being pretty new to the world of beads in general – and even more so to artisan beads – can you tell me what the difference is between “lampwork” glass beads like these and, say, murano glass (besides the murano glass coming from Italy where that material hails from). Is one better quality or harder to work with than the other? These are so pretty, and I always gravitate toward the more “swirly” designs anyway. Thanks, and take care…Kim

    • Leann

      They’re fantastic, aren’t they? Lampwork is the glassmaking process, Murano is the sand from the Italian island :). Most artisan glassmakers use lampwork which create durable high quality beads.

      • FairObjective

        Ahhh…good info., Leann. Thanks! Nightie-night, and take care…Kim