Cyber Monday 2015 Offers

pandora-cyber-monday-2015Today is another big shopping day, called Cyber Monday.  Most of the deals available today are an extension of the ones started on Black Friday.  So for many of the brands, today is the last day of the sale!  This includes Pandora, Ohm Beads, Trollbeads, X Jewellery, and Chamilia.

Today is the first time Pandora is allowing retailers to offer a promotion online and that’s the LE Dainty Bow bangle which is free with any purchase of $125USD or more.  I don’t see that many retailers offering it online though, as I’m told the quantities were extremely limited for this item but it available on their official eStore.

Today is the only day that Ohm Beads is putting their retirement sale online, so definitely take advantage of it!  Since different retailers will have different inventory, I would advise you to take a look around the web.  My recommended sites are Artisan Bead BoutiquePerlenClassic BeadsOromoda, and the official Ohm Beads.

Be sure to get your orders in for the Trollbeads and X Jewellery sales, which include some really awesome deals.  Check out the Trollbeads Black Friday 2015 Complete Details and the X Jewellery Black Friday 2015 Sale List.

Lastly, Chamilia is still continuing their 50% off select styles through tonight, so don’t forget to check out your local retailers, like Classic Beads, and the official Chamilia site.

Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving?  What deals did you take advantage of for Black Friday?

  • Carol

    Very happy with the dainty bow bangle and BF charm! I decided to create a mini winter themed bangle this year with some of the older, classic charms. The Black Friday charm is absolutely gorgeous and the gold accent is lovely. I decided to add the shimmering lace charm to balance the “bling”! This is my first Black Friday charm purchase! I rather wish that I had been able to purchase the 2013 BF snowflake charm. It would have been another beautiful addition to my bangle! 😀

    • Cindy Liu

      so pretty!

    • Michele

      I got 2 free bangle and 1 free BF ( one shop out of bangle gave it free instead ) . I put the Holly murano between the BF and Cinderalla’s Coach with Moon & Star dangle between two clips, very beautiful!

      • Carol

        Wow Michele! What a great Pandora shopping haul! Your bracelet sounds gorgeous! What a great idea to include Cinderella’s coach with the BF charm! Do post a pic if you get a chance! 🙂

      • Michele

        I only buy Pandora during promotion since March. I bought the Glistening set and Holly and Reindeer to get 2 free bangle on 26th morning. Free BF charm on 27th. Cinderella’s coach was free from last free charm promotion. I will take a photo to show you, very beautiful on my new paved clasp bracelet with two layer of lace clips. At first I am not keen for the set but it is good value 225 for 290 value, I got like 42% off. No regret!

  • Ashley

    I was out of town after Thanksgiving so I got my hubby to run to Pandora for me and pick up the BF charm and to surprise me with anything else he thinks I’d like enough to equal $125 to get the LE bangle. Now, he wrapped it all up and put in under our Christmas tree! 🙂 I can’t wait to see everything on Christmas morning!!

  • Anita

    I managed to find an online site from Pandora’s Facebook page that had the charms I wanted and the size I needed for the free bracelet! I must’ve called several online retailers and they were either not taking part or completely sold out! My pandora store only had a bracelet 2 size bigger left…and the sales was somewhat rude…she made a remark like “well it’s free so you should just take what we have” and just seemed like she wanted to complete the transaction in a hurry…and I was the only one there!

    • Carol

      That’s really unfortunate about your experience in the Pandora store, Anita. Most Sales Reps are very enthusiastic and helpful. But, I had a similar experience when I went to purchase the LE Circle of Love Bangle at a Jared store. The Sales Rep INSISTED that the bangle only came in one size! I purchased it, but when I tried it on, it was far to large for my wrist. I took it right back in and was informed by another Associate that there were indeed three sizes. As a result, I am very careful when I shop for Pandora now! Glad that you got your bangle! 🙂