Cleaning and storing Pandora jewelry

I often see questions asked regarding how to take care of Pandora jewelry, in particular the sterling silver pieces as they tarnish very easily and often.

Pandora concept stores offer free cleaning of their products which is a great service!  They have jewelry tumblers which can mechanically clean your bracelet, but be aware that if you two part charms (dangles, delicate pieces, etc.), pearls, or wood charms this is not a good idea as the cleaner could damage your charms.  But, most of the time if the employees aren’t busy they’ll just hand polish it for you with the polish clothes.  Either way, the cleaning service takes a while (anywhere from 30-60 min.) so I would go during an off-peak time for the store and then be prepared to wait around or wander the other stores while your jewelry is being cleaned.

But if you’re not near a Pandora store or want to take care of your jewelry yourself, I’ve made a video on how I like to clean and store my Pandora bracelets and charms:

If you’d like to see a more in depth information on how to take care of all different types of Pandora jewelry and materials and ways to store them, we’ve also created a “how to” page to help keep those charms shiny!