Christmas presents

pandora-fb-coverI hope everyone has a very merry Christmas!  We do not follow the Christmas tradition as closely in my house since I don’t have any children (just my fur baby!), we generally have a very laid-back few days.  I was always too impatient to wait until Christmas morning to open my presents as a girl and my parents indulged me.  Unfortunately, this lead to me having a bad habit when it came to opening gifts before the big day.

When I found out about the Pandora limited edition Australia Imagine watch, I knew what I wanted for Christmas!  This watch is a true limited edition, meaning that it is numbered out of 650.  My husband told me to get it so I asked my Australian friend to buy and send it to me back in November.  However, due to a post office snafu, it got sent back to Australia and had to be resent; my poor little watch has had quite the journey.  I only received it a couple weeks ago and of course couldn’t wait to open it!

I don’t think the photos really do this watch justice.  It’s really unfortunate that Pandora doesn’t offer a black watch in their permanent collection but I guess it just makes this one that much more special.  This is my first Pandora watch and even though I’d been thinking about purchasing one for a while now, I wasn’t quite sure what style to get.  Some of the faces seem too big and others are too small, so I think the Imagine is the perfect size.  There are lots of bezels and straps to choose from; although the strap I really want – the stainless steel, is only available with the purchase of the stainless steel watch.  I’ll be adding that to the wishlist.  I’ve been wearing it with my Story bracelet since the black matte leather matches so well.  Gives it quite the rocker look ;).

How was everyone’s morning?  What was under the Christmas tree?  🙂

  • Adis Evermore

    I got the mother daughter dangle and the blue heart murano. 🙂

    Btw…Love that leather bracelet. Where can I get one? lol

    And merry Christmas to you too.

    • Leann

      Thank you, Adis! It’s a Story by Kranz & Ziegler bracelet, the leather is so strong and supple. 🙂

  • Sara

    I got my very first Pandora bracelet, two s-clips and a light blue murano charm. I also go the beautiful stocking ornament!

    Now to fill the middle section…..since my birthday is next week, I know my hubby will help me with that!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Leann

      Merry Christmas to you too, Sara and a happy early birthday! Congrats on your Pandora bracelet! What an exciting morning it must have been :D.

  • Michelle

    i got the close to my heart smoke quartz charm along with the queen bee and hidden romance. the hidden romance very impressed as it is quite heavy, and allot of silver. looks like I’m starting my two tone bracelet! i really want the dragonfly charm but dont’t want to spend 180.00 for 1 bead where i could buy 5-7 for the one.

    • Jen Tab

      I got the dragonfly charm a few weeks ago, and I love it so much! It was that charm that got me re-obsessed with Pandora and started on a two-tone bracelet. But you are right about the price…when you can get a bunch for the price of one, it makes you hesitate. That must be why my husband steers me clear of the Pandora store whenever we are at the mall :-). But he’s on board and knows that’ll only last so long!!

      • Leann

        I recently fell in love again with my Pandora because of the two-tones as well, Jen!

      • Michelle

        I am so glad you love your dragonfly charm! I’ll be breaking down and buying it soon. We just had xmas with my family New Yrs. day as I was really sick over xmas with the flu. So, I did get a gift certificate for a local store along with some cash. The best part is that they do a frequent buyer punch card so after you spend $500.00, you get a $50.00 coupon to use, PANDORA included! I only buy my beads there for the most part so I can take advantage of that. My mom gave me the light blue looking glass bead and the snowflake bead with the light blue CZ. I must say the looking glass beads are one of my favorites, something calming about the design and want the pink and white too. I plan on doing a white bracelet but the dragonfly charm will be on that bracelet as I love all things dragonfly!

    • Leann

      I love the smokey quartz dangle! The hidden romance is also on my wishlist (it never ends ;)) so I’m glad to hear you like it. The dragonfly charm is lovely…it’s got lots of gold which is why the heavy price tag. It is hard to justify when you can get a few vs. just the one!

  • Amanda

    I got my very first Trollbeads bracelet, complete with a few silver beads, a lock, the turquoise striped agate set and a gemstone bead! Hadn’t seen Trollbeads before in person – they look a lot more delicate and interesting in person than in photos. I keep looking at them – what an awesome (and unexpected) gift. 😀

    • Leann

      Wow! What fantastic presents! That’s almost enough for a whole bracelet, good job!

  • LaShona Johnson-Peterson

    I got my first pandora bracelet. Yay!!! My husband was listening to me and I am so happy. I was able to get the iconic set and also bought me the guardian angel charm, key to my heart charm, faith hope and love charm and the green love charm!!!! I love it and I love him so much!

    • Leann

      That’s awesome, LaShona! I’m glad your Christmas wishes came true :).

  • Jeanne

    I got a few Trollbeads–Sea Urchin, Black Squirrel, and a unique–and cash for more! Now I’m trying to figure out what to get to complement the rest of my bracelet. Decisions, decisions!

    • Leann

      Wow! That’s wonderful, what a haul. What’s on your wishlist, Jeanne?

      • Jeanne

        Oh, Leann, my wishlist…I almost typed “wishlust,” which would be a more accurate description. Last night I ordered (all TB) a retired jasper, the Seigaiha bead from the Kimono kit (the jasper has a lot of green in it, so I think they’ll look fantastic together), a unique, the Troll Coin, and The Hare and The Tortoise (such a clever design!). That officially exhausts my Christmas money and then some!

      • Leann

        Wow!! That is fantastic! Wishlust is right ;).

  • anniebay

    I received many charms, mostly from my hubby! My favorite one (that he picked by himself!) was the wedding rings charm. I love the gold rings and the tiny diamond! So sweet of him.
    Some of my other favorites are the carriage, I love you, jewelry box, purse with gold bow, and doghouse, but they are all pretty!

    • Leann

      Those are awesome charms! Lots of two-tones too ;). Love it!

  • Michelle

    awesome looking watch! I like how you have it layered with the Story bracelet and then the 5 clip station Pandora bracelet.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Michelle!

  • BeibhinnFitz

    You can order the Stainless Steel Strap for the Imagine separately now it’s about €69

    • Leann

      Ooh! I wish they had that option when I bought the whole watch! 🙁