Christina Watches and Endless Jewelry

endless-jewelry-coverThis feature turns to a hot up and coming brand in the charm bracelet market and one that has been highly controversial as well.  Christina Watches as the company is known in Denmark or Endless Jewelry in Germany, was started this year by Jesper ‘Kasi’ Nielsen previously of Pandora.  In 2009, Mr. Nielsen sold his jewelry company to the Pandora Group and became the director of its subsidiary – Pandora Central Western Europe.  Following a disagreement with Pandora over strategic decisions, Jesper left the company after signing a non-compete agreement through 2016.  However, non-compete agreements restricting employment are not generally enforceable over 2-3 years in Europe, so he broke the contract and started Endless Jewelry.

The signature product is their calf leather bracelets and dangles, similar to the Story by Kranz and Ziegler style with charms that stay in place.  The bracelets come in single, double, and triple wrap in 3 lengths: 18 cm, 19 cm, and 20 cm and a number of colors.  The charms are silver or gold-plated silver and range from dainty to chunky and bold.  The concept is geared more towards fashion designs rather than representing moments in life, but the key is still affordable luxury.  In addition to the bracelets, Endless Jewelry also offers watches (including ones that fit on the leathers), and stackable rings.

The brand is expanding quickly in Denmark and Germany with its eye targeted towards worldwide distribution in the near future.  Jesper has utilized his contacts in the German market and now sells to over 650 current and previous Pandora retailers (reference Berlingske).  Obviously there are high tensions between these companies as they head to court in a legal battle that may result in injunctions and damages.  It’s definitely interesting and worth browsing through their catalog.  Endless Jewelry or Christina Watches is carried by Perlen with free international shipping; for more information including how to size these bracelets check out the helpful guide on Perlen.  What do you think of this new brand?

  • Shinae Podosek

    Is this compatible with the story line?

    • Leann

      The leather looks thicker to me, but I haven’t played with it personally. 🙂

    • Benji Payne

      Yes it is compatible with Story, I have the snake on order with real black diamond eyes!, I am quite impressed with the price point! and they look great as for the “drama” behind them… psshh! 🙂

  • Laura Summers

    Pretty, but I don’t think I can support a company in which the founder signed a non-compete and is immoral/unethical enough to break the agreement and start his own line. I hope that Pandora wins the court battle.

    • Leann

      I’m not advocating what he did, but non-compete agreements are usually required from high level executives and they’re unenforceable by law if they last for any lengthy time because it’s unethical to restrict a person from plying their trade. 🙂

      • FairObjective

        Exactly, Leann. Big companies want the restrictions to keep an unfair monopoly on the market; more competition within *any* industry (globally, not just in the US) keeps products within the means of the average consumer, functions as a natural quality-control, and provides more variety/options. Not to mention the guy deserves the right to do what he does best and make a living at it, after a reasonable amount of time.

  • Janet L.

    I would have to disregard this line on principal due to the lack of integrity of its founder, not because of Pandora, just because.

    • Laura Summers

      Totally agree with you!

  • jae

    Wow!!! I like this style, but it is rather expensive IMO As far as non-compete contracts go, I can understand these while a person is employed by one company-But, when that person is no longer working for that company, I feel it is unfair to expect that person to never have his/her own business, especially in this case where that person had his own line before working for Pandora

    • Laura Summers

      He signed a non-compete as part of his offer of employment. Choosing to break that because the job “didn’t work out” is not only illegal, but immoral and unethical. A non-compete has an end-date, he certainly could have had his own business within a few years. In choosing to work for Pandora, he gave up his right to run his own jewelry company for “x” amount of years and broke that agreement. I hope Pandora wins an injunction and shuts him down.

      • Leann

        The non-compete was probably non-negotiable part of his employment. Just because it’s a contract doesn’t mean that it’s “legal” which is why it would not be enforceable. 🙂

      • James Hilton

        If there was anything illegal about what he is doing….then how would he be operating…think before you comment like that. have some respect for someone who started with nothing and rose to the level that he did. its common decency and respect, lets be adults. i only know what i have seen from their facebook and the european website and i must say it is extremely impressive and beautiful. again lets show respect for someone who is truly a self made man.

      • Alan Strott

        Well said!

      • Mel

        I agree with you 100%!! I can’t stand people who start and run companies with one thing in mind, GREED! It always come down to greed, when a person is awyays thinking about the money they seem to disregard everything else. He couldn’t do everything on his own from scratch like Pandora, he has to ride on their cotails of success to get ahead. My husband started and build his own company from the ground up from absolutely nothing much like Pandora did. I have a huge amount of respect for people and companies who did it the old fashion honest way! I don’t care for his cockiness either, another thing I can’t stand!!

    • Leann

      You’re right, Jae. Non-competes are only narrowly enforceable by law as long as they’re for a short time and defined to a specific industry. So we’ll see how it plays out! 🙂

  • Farah

    Leann, very interesting! What do you think, compared to Story? The pictures look really nice, but it’s kind of hard to judge when you don’t have both products in real life to compare :).

    • Leann

      Hi Farah, I haven’t actually played with this brand but I ran across this drama and thought it would be interesting to report on ;). It looks very much like Story, and the price point looks about the same too. They’re getting big in Germany! Maybe I’ll get one in the future and do a comparison.

  • Louise Rogers

    I read that he actually waited the 5 years out and started it after he waited his time. He’s a smart man and wouldn’t shoot himself in his foot.

  • Wy Mc

    All you shouting about his non-compete>>> a simple look online will show you that he signed a 3 year non-compete which was up in 2013. Neilsen’s Endless Line was founded in 2013. All of you hating on Mr. Neilsen should take a look as his book “Inside Pandora” which gives a very eye-opening look into his career and values which may very well drasticaly change your perspective on his motives and outlook. (this article is the only place I’ve seen which states he signed a 6 year non-compete).

    • Alan Strott


  • carol simmons

    I have already bought and will buy more. So far, i can switch back and for with story.