Charm Wraps by JoMay

One of the never-ending dilemmas is charms jewelry storage – with so many moving pieces, it’s always high on my list to find a convenient way to carry around my bracelets, especially when I travel. I recently came across the amazing Jo May Lyons, who created a great solution to this problem. She handmakes Charm Wraps out of sturdy flannel-like cloth with laces as both the closure ties and to hold loose charms.  The ingenious design allows the charms to be strung onto the lace easily and quickly.  As you can see, the wrap can hold a large amount of jewelry, with a zippered compartment and another pocket on the inside for more space.

Jo May was kind enough to send me this one*, and I picked a pretty flower pattern with a luscious fuchsia color inside.  The wrap is switched to professional grade, I can hardly tell that it’s handmade!  These wonderful creations can be made in a variety of colors and patterns, check out Charm Wraps by JoMay for more pictures and order information.  She is based out of England and these beauties are very affordable, with prices between £21-25, including world wide delivery.  You can see that every wrap is created and sent with care; I love how well mine was packaged and she ships fast too.  Here’s some more examples of her works:

I tested out the wrap on a recent business trip and it performed right up to my expectations!  It was a short trip so I didn’t have to take too much jewelry ;).  I had a few bracelets (Pandora and Trollbeads) and I slipped it right into my purse.  So handy!  I knew my bracelets wouldn’t go anywhere in the wrap, so I traveled with confidence.  I will be adding this to my list of handy accessories for storage and travel.

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  • Tiffany Tanner

    I can’t wait for my M&M wrap!

  • Ashley

    Hey Leann, what beautiful charm wraps! I love how you hook us all up with the proper info on who to contact when it comes to taking care of our charms and in a really fun way too!

    Remember back when u told us about those jewelry stackers that u could order on Amazon? I ordered mine back then when u first mentioned it and just love how easy it is to keep things 1-2-3. But I was wondering, when my charms and bracelets are stored in there will it keep it safe from tarnishing too? Thanks!

    • Leann

      Hi Ashley, they are not “tarnish proof”, but as long as you store your box in a moisture free place, it shouldn’t be a problem. 🙂

  • Endangered Trolls

    The stackers don’t stop silver jewellery from tarnishing from what I’ve seen (and I’ve had mine nearly a year.)

    You could try putting in some of the small silicion bags that you get with new shoes and handbags as they’re designed to draw moisture out of the air but then every time you open the box… 😉 They’re also not air tight so I’m not sure how much benefit they’d be. Usually the silicon bags are best used when you’re storing jewellery in an air tight fashion for a longer period.

    Unfortunately with silver comes the tarnishing issue 🙁 It really annoys me because I’m actually not a fan of the tarnished look! I like it to highlight sunken areas in conjuction with high shine silver but I don’t like my charms and beads to look dark :/

    I know a lot of Trollbeads fans specifically avoid polishing because they like the really dark look but it’s never done much for me 🙁

    Back on topic these are cute! Definitely convenient for popping in your handbag and keeping everything safe.

    Oh the never ending problem of storage 🙁 My other half bought me a tall stack of drawers last month in the hope of trying to keep my jewellery under control 🙁

  • Ashley

    Endangered Trolls ~

    I sooooo feel your pain! I cannot stand the tarnished – dark look of my silver charms, bracelets, necklaces. I lost count on how many of those Pandora cleaner cloths I’ve gone through that they give you to keep your stuff all spiffy! Don’t remember if it was here on Leann’s blog or yours that I read about sticking those little silicon bags in your jewelry boxes. I will try anything, safely of course! 😉
    Thank y’all for all your handy dandy tips.

  • Farah

    What a shame this doesn’t exist anymore! I wanted to order 1 now since my collection is getting pretty big :p

    • Leann

      Yikes! I will take down the post then :(.