Chamilia Star Wars Preview

chamilia-star-wars-collection-cover1Today I’m so excited to be featuring a sneak peek of the upcoming Chamilia Star Wars Collection!  My hubby is a die hard fanatic when it comes to Star Wars so I’ve definitely been sucked up in his anticipation for the new movie.  Chamilia still holds the Disney license in Europe so this release will be limited to that region.  It is a smaller set than I was hoping to see but the designs are quintessential and classic to the films.  This collection will be debuting exclusively at H Samuel on November 24th, and then on the Chamilia UK site and other independent retailers on December 1st.

The set features classic symbols and phrases from the original trilogy.  The symbols for the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire come in both dangle and bead forms and are perfect for adding a splash of fandom to any bracelet.  For those looking for a little more obvious flair “Do or Do Not” and “Use the Force”, along with the Star Wars logo dangle, are also fun pieces in Chamilia’s Disney style.  I really like the Star Wars bracelet, which is a simple round clasp chain with Star Wars engraved on the clip.

I don’t have any information on prices at the moment, but they should be relatively reasonable since most of them do not have any elaborate detailing.  Again, this set is unfortunately not going to be available in the US, but the brand does not have shipping restrictions so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to get them.  What do you think of these designs?  Are you a Star Wars fan?

  • Marisela

    Great! I am such a Star Wars fan! I love the bracelet, and the empire/rebel charms! I would have liked some other designs though. Like R2-D2 or even a Death Star! But, since it’s only available in Europe, does that mean that Pandora will release a SW line in the US?

  • Nereida Ammari

    I like the Do or Do Not charm. The rest are not that enticing. Luckily for me there are already quite a few Star wars charms in the US. I purchased Sterling Yoda, Stormtrooper, and Death Star Dangles, and a Sterling murano BB8. I didn’t like the Vader and Stormtrooper sterling beads because they have a hole on the bottom, so I bought a black Stainless Vader bead and will buy Stormtrooper and Chewie Stainless beads and I did buy the BB8 Stainless dangle. I think only 2 companies got the license here to do Sterling charms and one got it to do Stainless. But there are a plethora of designs, including the tie fighter, R2D2, bobba fett, rebel, jedi and sith logos and the star wars logos in both regular and enamel versions. I was able to purchase the Sterling dangles at 66% off thanks to a wonderful reader.

  • DisneyBlingMama

    There’s a whole bunch of stainless steel Star Wars charms on the ThinkGeek website, even a BB8 dangle charm. Plus I’ve already seen ads on TV for Star Wars charms by Kay Jewelers. So it looks like even if Pandora decided to make Star Wars charms, they’d have a lot of competition.

  • DisneyBlingMama

    There are new Alex and Ani Star Wars bracelets too! Debuting on December 8′ but available for purchase NOW on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app.