Chamilia Sparkle Twist Necklace Promo

chamilia-sparkle-twist-necklaceStarting today Blooming Boutique is offering a special promotion for the Chamilia Sparkle Twist Necklace!  A $45 value, the Sparkle Twist Necklace is one of the brand’s most versatile pieces and adjusts up to 28 inches.  From January 28th – 31st, receive a free a necklace for all purchases over $125USD.  Simply use the code FREESPARKLE during checkout to get the deal.  Are you tempted by this deal?

  • Bonnie May

    Ooh, I think I got this necklace last December “by accident” with a gold pendant I bought in Boston & needed “something to wear it on.” Does the clasp hang off of a little ball that slides up & down the chain? If so, I LOVE it!! It’s so incredibly versatile b/c I can hang anything from it, and then just slide the clasp to make it shorter or longer. In fact, I think I wore it so much that I need to figure out how to contact Chamilia about it, because it’s oxidized/tarnished beyond what my jewelry cloths can fix at the part that sits near the back of my neck. Correction – I need to *find time* to do this, as I checked their website, however I don’t have any idea where my receipt is. 🙁

    • Leann

      Yes, I think it’s the same one! Cool, I’m glad you love it :D. I would recommend just using the silver clothe or soap and water too.

      • Callahan

        And you can do this neat little trick that I saw on my friend’s FB last Christmas. Put an aluminum pan in your sink or bathtub. Add a 1/4 cup of baking soda. Put your tarnished sterling jewelry in the pan and slowly add warm (as hot as you can stand) tap water. There will be a gentle chemical reaction which should reverse some of the tarnish. Don’t ever do this with jewelry that has stones or enamel because the warm water can damage these items. A sterling neck chain should really perk up if you try this method. Worked for my Holiday jewelry last year!