Chamilia Season 1 2016 European Preview

chamilia-season1-2016-uk-cover1I previewed the Chamilia Season 1 2016 Collection that will be coming out for North America a few weeks ago, but the UK and Europe release is quite different.  Not only do they have all the pieces that will be launching in North America, they’ve got more extensive charms for Valentine’s Day, as well as Mother’s Day, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day.  There are also additional beads for their Disney line and a new Fairy Tale set.  The official debut will be January 15th worldwide for Season 1 2016.

While it’s no surprise to have hearts and other sparkles for this time of year, Mother’s Day beads do show up early in the UK since their Mother’s Day occurs in March.  The designs are really nice and I’m definitely partial to the floral motifs.  My favorite theme are the Fairy Tale charms which are super cute and have purple accents.  Unfortunately I don’t have the names of these pieces yet but below is a complete list of all the beads that will be released soon.

Chamilia is compatible with other bracelet types including Pandora.  Independent stores and the official Chamilia UK site will be getting the Disney charms as well as the global release, while their Signet stores like H Samuel and Ernest Jones in the UK will have everything in this preview (except the Yellow Ribbon).  For those ordering in the US, the Chamilia Season 1 2016 Collection is available for preorder on Classic Beads already.  Do you see anything you like from this release?

  • Kim

    I live in IL, USA, but am hoping for the Easter Bunny in the basket, some Disney spacers, and the hexagon stars accent beads, especially the purple/black/twilight colored one. Took me a minute to see Aurora’s princess crown in the Disney spacer picture, but it definitely fits her. I like the seashell Ariel one, for more general use.

  • Kim

    Oh, I also like the star treasure charm. It looks to be made in the same style as the ocean charm, and that one is outstanding in person, so I think this one will look better than the stock photo.