Chamilia Season 1 2015 Love Charms

chamilia-season-1-2015-cover3For their first release of the year, Chamilia came out with a large collection of really interesting designs. The themes were wide and eclectic, including music motifs, spring charms, and of course love and romance beads. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, I’m happy to be showcasing the love charms today!  These include Special Delivery, Woven Heart, Pavé Woven Heart, Love Token, Groovy Love, You Rock Candy Heart, and One Love Candy Heart.

Chamilia has done a fabulous job of incorporating rose gold detailing into their designs and I really like these touches of pink.  There are a couple new two-tone charms in this collection called Special Delivery, Pavé Woven Heart, and Love Potion Locket.  Special Delivery is a dove with a rose gold heart held in his beak.  Pavé Woven Heart is also a dangle and has beautiful rose colored pavé set crystals interlaced with solid silver.

Love Token, Groovy Love, and Woven Heart are classic romance charms and can readily be used with any bracelet combination.  Woven Heart is probably my favorite from this set because of its simplicity; it’s an openworks charm with a textured weave in the shape of a heart.  Love Token is a beautiful double sided design with a gift wrapped bow on the front and a detailed rose on the back.  Groovy Love is a disc shaped charm with “LOVE” spelled out in a hip font.

Lastly, the You Rock Candy Heart and One Love Candy Heart are super cute and an homage to the sweetheart candies given out during this holiday.  Whereas other brands are a bit heavy handed with enamel to create this look, Chamilia took a cleaner approach with the words engraved in silver.  There are heart cutouts on the sides which is such a cute detail.

Chamilia is compatible with all bracelet brands including Pandora.  Blooming Boutique, an authorized retailer, is having a special promotion for a few days only – from February 3rd – 6th, it’s buy 3, get 1 free on their website.  The discount applies automatically upon check out and they offer free shipping over a certain amount ($75 domestic, $150 international).  Otherwise, these can also be purchased on the main Chamilia website and my other recommended retailer Classic Beads.  I’m excited to feature my new Chamilia Valentine’s Day bracelet which has a couple of the new Sound Wave Muranos too.  What do you think of this collection?

Bead index (starting from left, Chamilia unless otherwise stated): TB bow lock, special delivery, tequila sunrise sound waves murano, splendor rose gold, rose gold heart, TB unique pink glitter ridges, rose gold heart, love token, TB belly chakra, one love candy heart, pavé woven heart, TB unique pink waves, groovy love, be my valentine, TB unique orange dots, woven heart, claddagh, raspberry beret sound waves murano, you rock candy heart, splendor vintage rose, TB coral opal, heart dangle.

  • FairObjective

    Gorgeous Valentine’s bracelet, Leann! Just the right combination of color and silver. I see quite a few pieces on here that I really want; I have the pave’ woven heart dangle and love it enough to want another. Chamilia just keeps getting better & better! Take care…Kim

    • Leann

      Thanks, Kim! It was different color combo than I usually use for Vday, but with the gorgeous Sound Wave Muranos, I couldn’t resist. 🙂

      • amanda

        I don’t typically go for Valentine’s bracelets but this is beautiful!

      • FairObjective

        I’ve been curious about the Sound Wave Muranos. Good to hear that you’re pleased after seeing them firsthand, Leann. I didn’t think about pairing raspberry & the orangey/yellowish hues, but I love the result after seeing your bracelet! It’s fun to change things up from the traditional Valentine’s colors. – Kim

    • amanda

      Kim, I absolutely agree about them getting better and better. I really didn’t think I was going to like them as much as Pandora but I LOVE my new music charms… I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

      • FairObjective

        Right?! I was wondering about the music charms; they look beautiful…lots of detail. I especially love You Spin Me, that adorable record player. I always look forward to Chamilia’s releases, especially during the last year, after their new design team took over.

  • Michelle

    I love the woven heart! Gotta have that one!