Chamilia In the Kitsch Review and Giveaway

chamilia-holiday-2014-collection-cover4*****THE CONTEST HAS CONCLUDED AND THE WINNER WAS CONTACTED*****
Incredibly today we’re celebrating the 3rd birthday of the blog and I’m so excited to be hosting another fabulous giveaway!  I can’t believe that it’s been so long since I began sharing my passion for charm jewelry and now all the brands that I’m addicted to.  The Chamilia Holiday 2014 included one of my favorite themes of the season and that’s the In the Kitsch set.  The colors are retro and speak to the nostalgia of the 50’s and 60’s.  The motifs also harken back to that time with vintage versions of an oven mitt, egg beater, measuring spoons, spatula, and bundt cake form.


The charms are adorably named: Kiss the Cook, Beat It, Lovin’ Spoonful, Patty Cakes, Spatu-luv.  Kiss the Cook is a quilted oven mitt and engraved with “Kiss The Cook” on one side.  Beat It is detailed with pastel teal enamel and is one of my favorite pieces from this release; the bracelet is threaded through the handle and beaters hang off the front.

Lovin’ Spoonful features three small measuring spoons and they are modular which means that they move independently on the bail.  Patty Cakes is a bundt cake form and the details are mostly on the outside with a spiral pattern and a plain interior.  Lastly, Spatu-luv is highlighted by baby pink enamel which resembles the silicone that normally makes the head of the scraper.

Chamilia charms are fully compatible with other bracelet styles including Pandora.  These designs look fantastic with the Ribbon Candy Muranos also new this season, especially the Ice Princess and Frosty Teal.  A huge thanks to Chamilia for sponsoring this giveaway which includes an adjustable pink leather bracelet up to 7.9″, two pink birthstone jewels, and one each of the In the Kitsch set.  Simply click on the buttons in the Rafflecopter widget (below) to enter and be sure to check out the giveaway rules before participating.  The deadline for entry is 11:59pm EST on December 7th.


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Also, to commemorate this special milestone we’re offering a 15% sale on the exclusive Charms Addict charms, including the CA logo and the Addicted dangles!  The price includes domestic US shipping and the discount is taken automatically off upon checkout.  Thanks for everyone’s support!  I would not be able to run the blog without you all.  ♥

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  • Beth

    I am a big Baker, so I love this set!

  • Jen Comeau

    This is incredible. I absolutely am in love with it. Cooking in the kitchen has many many wonderful family memories for me. This bracelet would mean the world to me. Family and cooking go hand in hand in my family <3

  • Sher French

    When I was in 4th grade we made a cookbook. My favorite was Buckeye Balls. I’m 45 now, but I continue to make these with my kids and pass out to neighbors.

  • PurdyfulJen

    How adorable!!!!

  • s r

    I love to make cupcakes with my two boys. We love to bake together.

  • Tanya

    This is so cute! I love the measuring spoons so much and the spatula is adorable! lol I really wish Pandora would do some cute stuff like this.

  • Nicole

    I absolutely love this bracelet! I love to bake! So much so that my family calls me betty Crocker! My favorite memories are baking cakes for family and friends for their birthdays!

  • FairObjective

    I gravitate toward family-themed bracelets, so this set is perfect for that; also love the leather bracelet! Thanks for the contest opportunity, Leann! Take care…Kim

    • Leann

      You bet, Kim! 😉

  • Yasmine

    Christmas time means my nana makes Scotch Eggs. Despite not liking them herself and the hassle it is to make, I’ve been enjoying them every Christmas since I was a kid.

  • Jessica Andrews

    My favorite holiday baking memory is making cut out cookies with my mom. Her sugar cookie dough recipe stays soft and her frosting is still one of my favorite things to eat straight from the bowl!

  • Dawn Kraemer-Meseck

    I have lots of great memories of baking with my Dad. We had a retro fridge in the basement that would only run at Christmas time so we could put all of our cookies inside. Ironically, I just got home from a cooking class when I saw this contest.

  • Lindsey

    I LOVE the mixer charm! I remember using a hand-crank mixer to make key lime pie as a kid- so glad they are electric now!

  • Kaa Youa Xiong

    My fondest memory was baking hand rolled letter cookies with my grandma.

  • Tia TL

    I love this Kitsch collection. I have the spatula and just ordered the measuring spoons and mixer as well. My favorite memory of baking was when I tried to figure out how to make creme caramel for the first time. I ended up burning it, LOL, but I was persistent and eventually learned to make it perfectly. 😀

  • Jessica

    These are absolutely ADORABLE!!!

  • dizchik

    I’m usually not into pinks and pastels but this collection is too cute to pass up in! I absolutely love the beaters!

  • carol

    I have this on my list to buy soon. It reminds me of all the cookies i made for school lunches for my kids!

  • Amy Reno

    These are so cute! My favorite cooking memory was making Thanksgiving dinner with my 3 year old daughter last year. Hopefully we will have many more to come.

  • Donna Lobel

    I love baking/cooking! I am learning to bake gluten free/vegan due to food allergies so it is like learning to bake all over again. Trial and error….it has taken me 3 years but I think I finally found some keepers!

  • Aileen Chin

    My best cooking memory was attempting to make some traditional dishes that my late grandmother used to make every New Year. Luckily it was a success and I would say it does tasted somewhat like that my late grandmother made.

  • Jen Tab

    Happy Anniversary Leann! I started following your blog 2 years ago exactly and am so happy you have indulged us for so long! :-). My collection would not be what it is without Charms Addict as I’m sure many would agree!!
    My favorite baking memory as a kid was learning to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch. My mom taught me and then I was the “go-to” cookie maker. We would sometimes double the recipe to have extra dough…triple it…and the most we ever did was quadruple it. So many cookies so little time!! Such good memories!!

    • Leann

      Thanks, Jen! I think my husband is impressed I’ve stuck with it as long as I have ;). I’m so glad to share my passion and being helpful with charm news! 😀

  • Martha Harris

    After I learned to cook, I helped make Thanksgiving dinner for my friends and me.

  • koolchicken

    I’m not much of a baker but I long to be one. I’ll just have to continue myself with just I am while my husband dutifully eats everything I make and proclaims it better than the last, lol. So I don’t have a favorite memory exactly. But I’m always working towards making one! One day I’ll make something good…

    BTW congratz on three years! I started following you back then but didn’t start commenting until this year. I did take a break when I had my son but I’m happy to be back and happy you’re still blogging. It’s really helpful having a place to go with someone who knows everything that’s going on with all the companies and it helps me plan my purchases!

    • Leann

      Thanks!! I’m so happy to still be blogging too, lol. I hope I’ll still have time after the little guy gets here :D.

      • koolchicken

        I’m sure you will. I stopped doing pretty much everything I enjoyed when I had my son because he was so sick, and I’m still not 100% after two years. But if things go well you’ll be just fine. You’ll be off you’re game for a month at the most, after they get a bit bigger even tough babies start sleeping. Also one baby is easy, it’s when you start adding to that that things get a little chaotic. 🙂

      • Leann

        Oh no! I hope there won’t be any complications, thanks for the advice :).

  • Holly

    I love to bake (the sweeter the better!) and I love these charms. Thanks so much for these giveaways, so much fun! Wonderful blog and congrats on these last 3 years!

    • Leann

      Thank you! It’s so much fun to do them too :).

  • Natalie Ast

    my favourite baking memory is making oil cakes and hazelnut filled european-style christmas cookies! Since going gluten free i definitely miss out on recipes from my grandmothers! xo, natalie

  • Tiffany Dahle

    My favorite baking memory is making cookies with my kids who were too tiny to reach the counter without a kitchen chair to stand on.

  • Danielle

    My favorite memory was sitting on my grandmas counter covered in flour and making bread with her!

  • Charmer

    Congrats Leann on your 3-year Anniversary! Thank you so much for your wonderful blog.

    My favorite baking memory is making pancakes from scratch with my mom and licking the beaters and the bowl. I love the Camilla blender–it makes me smile. 🙂

    • Leann

      Thanks so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog :). Good luck.

  • Mary Jean Smith

    Making Gingerbread men with my mom. She is a great baker!

  • maybelline

    Congrats on CA’s 3-year anniversary, Leann! I’ve been a follower for a little over a year, but even in that small amount of time your blog has been SOOO helpful to me in planning and managing my bead addiction!

    My favorite holiday cooking memory is my mom baking cookies and brownies and letting me lick the spoon and mixing bowl clean. Now that I’m grown and have a son of my own, the honor of cleaning the spoon/bowl has been passed on to him, and even though I’m left out somewhat, it still warms my heart! Happy holidays! 🙂

    • Leann

      Thank you! I’m so glad you find the blog helpful :). Good luck!

  • Vampgirl

    I’ve always loved making gingerbread houses and of course Christmas cookies with my mom and sister!

  • ccrow2

    This is adorable! I love to bake! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

    • Leann

      You bet! 🙂

  • amyb

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love reading your blog to find out about the latest charms!

    • Leann

      You’re welcome :). I’m glad you like the blog :D.

  • Cyndi

    The beater charm & measuring spoons are my favorite.

  • Elizabeth Fetter

    I will never forget making Sugar cookies with my father! <3

  • Elizabeth Fetter

    Leann, on the stock photo of the Kitch set there are 2 white sparkly beads/clips? Can you tell me what they are and the name of them? Thank you!

  • Amanda Locke

    I love making homemade noodles and Christmas cookies (especially oatmeal chocolate chip)!

  • Melinda

    I wish I had a good Christmas baking memory, but my family wasn’t really into that. My husband’s family was and he has tons of great memories. A couple years ago I made a Shutterfly book with all his mom’s old recipes as a present for his brother & sister. They loved it.

  • Tami

    Watching the husband bake cookies with the kids on Christmas Eve when they were little.

  • Diana Acevedo

    I’ve been my family baker since I was a teen. This bracelet would be perfect for me! I’ve baked with all of my nieces and nephews every holiday – sooooo many memories!

  • PurdyfulJen

    Now I feel like baking

    • Leann

      Haha, it’s that time of year ;).

  • teresa

    I really enjoy reading your blogs Leann. Always so interesting. Thank you.

    • Leann

      Wonderful! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog :).

  • teresa

    My fav memory is my Mom’s whipped shortbreads in dipped milk chocolate

  • FairObjective

    Wow, Leann…I commented here a couple of days ago about the Chamilia release, completely spacing on my intention to congratulate you on *3 years* of fantastic jewelry reporting! So: CONGRATS! I was really happy to find your informative, fun blog; I always enjoy your writing and photos! I don’t know how you find the time to do all this…but your readers sure do benefit, and we really appreciate your dedication. Thanks, and take care…Kim (P.S. Now go put your feet up and take a rest!).

    • Leann

      Thank you!! It’s definitely passion project ;).

  • Kelly Anne Macleod

    I love baking! If I could I would only bake all day

  • elizabethi

    The year I made 12 dozen different kinds of cookies! I was more ambitious back then.

  • v4567

    Ever since my hubby and I started dating (years ago!) we would always bake Christmas cookies with his kids. Now that we have our own little one we’ll definitely continue the tradition!

  • Bonnie May

    I have so many memories of baking – surprisingly with my dad – for the holidays. Usually there was almost as much batter on us as wound up in the oven!

  • Carly Monette

    I don’t have a specific memory just that each of my sisters and mom had a specialty cookie that we would make each year. With several sisters we had a nice variety of cookies. Thanks for the giveaway…this is beyond sweet!


    My aunt would come to our house and bring ingredients to make a salad because she thought no one could make a salad like my dad

  • mmloda

    My favorite holiday cooking memory is backing for my fur babies, especially Maks, my male Doberman, he used to love when I baked sugar cookies for the holidays!

  • Deb Jackson

    I loved making sugar cookies with Grandma Wilda.

  • Jessie G

    I am excited to make new holiday baking memories with my children!

  • Laura Summers

    I love putting up the tree and wearing my Christmas bracelet! 🙂

    • Laura Summers

      Ah. I want this bracelet SOOO much. Fingers crossed my 1.1% chance is the lucky one! 😉

  • Kristal Villarreal

    I loved baking brownies and cakes when I was in college

  • Nicole Conrick

    Loved Christmas dinner with my family – my mom and I always baking cookies!

  • Andrea

    I’ve always loved making gingerbread houses:D

  • Johanna Guzman-Estrella

    When I burned popcorn!

  • Lela Morita

    Cool, loved your blog!

    • Leann

      Thank you!

  • Carolyn

    My fave is baking Lebkuchen 🙂 mmmmmm…

  • Ashley Norris

    I always loved getting together with my mom and aunts to make peanutbutter balls. We would make them for hours! So yummy!

  • elizabethi

    I was the winner! I am so excited!

    • Leann

      Congrats!!! 🙂