Chamilia Holiday 2014 Vintage Charms

chamilia-holiday-2014-collection-cover3The Chamilia Season 4, otherwise known as the Holiday 2014 Collection, debuted a few weeks ago and I’ve been eager to review these charms.  The release included a variety of themes tied to the season including Classic Christmas, Vintage Holiday, In the Kitsch, Brilliance, and the LE 12 Days of Christmas set.  I first featured the new Garden Club birth month flowers since it was a bit early for Christmas posts, but now that we’re heading towards December I’m happy to get in the festive spirit and bring a showcase of the Vintage Holiday designs.

This theme is a nice mix of traditional holiday motifs, seasonal favorites, and symbols from different cultures as well.  The set includes Rock On, White Christmas, Skates, Hamsa, Dreidel, North Star, Snowflake, and the Princess Freedom Lock.  As the name suggests, there is a really nice vintage feel to these designs which highlights the amazing details and flourishes on these beads.


Starting with the seasonal charms, Rock On depicts a beautiful antique rocking horse; it is on the wider side and has three roses underneath the horse and highlighted with Aurora Boreale Swarovski crystals along the edge.  White Christmas is a geometric bead with a snowflake pattern outlined also in Aurora Boreale Swarovski crystals – the brushed metal background sets off the crystals in their myriad of colors reflecting pinks, blues, greens and yellows.  The Snowflake is embellished with Swarovski crystals on the front and bail, it’s a brilliant piece and will draw the eye on any bracelet!

North Star takes after one of Chamilia’s new techniques that opens to reveal another design inside!  The shell is high polished filigree silver with blue enamel painted in the middle, and the halves open to show an 8-pointed star.  I love that the hoop is actually a bow, the little details are delightful.  The Skates is another dangling charm that moves around and look strikingly close to the real thing.  Incredibly there’s also Aurora Boreale Swarovski crystal detailing along the top of the skates for that special touch.

The Hamsa is a common symbol for protection and Chamilia’s version is simply gorgeous – the flourishes are brilliantly contrasted by the oxidization underneath, and tasteful CZ are added along the bail and at the top of the palm.  The Dreidel is a simple silver charm but a fun one for Jewish fans that are often left out by brands during this season.  It is high polish silver with the symbols engraved on two side and sits horizontally on the chain.  Lastly, the Princess Freedom Lock is an abstract swirl design that complements these charms perfectly.  Chamilia locks come with silicone inside and provide a stronger hold than Pandora clips even when used with their U-stoppers.

Chamilia is compatible with Pandora bracelets and they are partially threaded beads.  I really like the direction that this brand is going and appreciate the finer details that the design team is focused on.  These charms can be purchased through the official website or my preferred retailer Classic Beads.  I am just starting to put together holiday bracelets, and I wanted to add a little bit of color to highlight the teal details in these charms but I’m not sure I’m quite satisfied with the outcome.  Do you like any of these charms?  Which one speaks to you?

Bead index (starting from left, silvers are Chamilia and glass are Trollbeads): TB bow lock, princess lock, north star, blizzard, LE golden bauble, dreidel, unique rainbow dots, initially speaking L, unique white braid, LE sweet frankincense, hamsa, gold silver trace, white Christmas, crown chakra, skates, unique white chrysanthemum, unique white swag, rock on, unique rainbow dots, poinsettia, LE white tinsel, unique white python, snowflake.

  • FairObjective

    Love this set, Leann! The Vintage Christmas collection has such a sentimental reference to the past; I’m using some of the charms on my Victorian-themed bracelet. I’ll put it together with beads I’m getting as Christmas presents; my son is keeping these pieces in his safe, to ensure I won’t be tempted to peek and play with them before then. It’s kind of hard to find beads I like that reflect this time period well; some of the ones I’ll be using fall into the general category of a reference to the past, not necessarily only the Victorian era. White Christmas and Rock On in particular work well for the idea I’m going for; I also love the Princess Freedom Lock. This is the first lock I’ve tried from Chamilia, and I love how well it works to secure the beads; it’s also so pretty, without taking up too much bracelet space. Thanks for the great review and photos, and take care…Kim

    • Leann

      I agree with you completely, Kim! I love Rock On and White Christmas, they are definitely Victorian and has that old-world elegance and detail that’s hard to find nowadays. Haha, that’s clever of your son, I would definitely be tempted to take a peek! 😉