Chamilia Holiday 2014 Classic Christmas

chamilia-holiday-2014-campaign1In my final Chamilia Holiday 2014 Collection review, I take a look at their Classic Christmas theme.  I saved the most festive charms for last since I didn’t want to start talking about Christmas before Thanksgiving but we’re now well into counting down the days until Santa is here!  This feature will focus on: Bear Hug, Penguin Party, Frosty Snowman, Silver Bells, emerald Embrace, Garland, and Holly.  For reviews on the other designs in this release, check out Chamilia Garden Club (November – January), Chamilia Holiday 2014 Vintage Charms, and Chamilia In the Kitsch Review.


These charms are all bright polished silver and boast the color theme of the season.  The Bear Hug is an adorable little guy who is wearing a Santa’s hat detailed in red enamel and a collar of Swarovski crystals.  Penguin Party is a bit taller but also has a Santa’s hat on and a scarf of red crystals.  The Silver Bells has flourishes outlined in mint and red crystals as well as featuring a large red CZ clapper in the middle and a mistletoe bail.  Frosty Snowman is another glamorous dangle with a pearl as the bottom half of the snowman and he sports a scarf and Santa’s hat as well.

For additional color, the emerald Embrace is a gorgeous deep green color that is perfect for Christmas, especially paired with the clear version too.  I’ve always been a fan of Chamilia Muranos and the Garland and Holly are aptly named.  Garland is a deep red core with leaves of green resembling the festive foliage.  Holly has an iridescent white base with a ribbon of green and spots of red to represent the berries.  This brand’s glass have a single silver core but one side has a wider “lip” which is folded over for the CHAMILIA stamp; these beads are not threaded.

Chamilia charms have partially threaded cores and is compatible with all bracelet types including Pandora.  This brand is very aggressive at retiring seasonal so it’s a good idea to pick up the ones you like before they’re gone.  These can be purchased from the official website or authorized retailers like Classic Beads.  I combined these designs on a bangle because they go so well together with just a couple added extras, like the clear Embrace and Rock On from the Vintage Holiday set.  I really like all the different themes from the brand this release so it’s hard to pick a favorite, what has been your favorite bead(s) from this collection?



  • Laura Summers

    Speaking of Camilla, when do we find out who won the giveaway? 😉

    • Leann

      The winner is published on the widget in the post :).