Chamilia Garden Club (November – January)

chamilia-holiday-2014-campaign6The Chamilia Holiday 2014 Collection premiered last week and one of my favorite designs from the year is their Garden Club birthday flowers.  In this release, they continue the series with the November Chrysanthemum, December Poinsettia, and January Snowdrop.  I love that there’s a cohesive aesthetic to all the designs and these are no different.  They can be used to represent birth months or other significant months and since I adore floral charms, they’re just perfect for me.


As with the other Garden Club charms, these are flat round disk-shaped charms with the flowers embossed on both sides.  The Chrysanthemum is one of my favorite flowers and the Chamilia version has a lot of texture which is representative of the flower.  The Poinsettia is great for December and is a popular festive plant for Christmas as well; this charm does not have as much oxidized detailing as the other two.  Lastly, the Snowdrop is very recognizable as its namesake and is also one of my favorite flowers – it’s dainty and delicate, and the design captures that beautifully.

There are just a couple more left in the collection including February and March which should be out with the next release.  Chamilia has threaded charms which is compatible with most brands including Pandora.  These beads can be found on the official Chamilia website or authorized retailers like Classic Beads.  I created this snowy garden bracelet with some of my new white and purple beads from the Trollbeads at the Beach event.  The Garden Club charms are so versatile, what do you use them to represent?


Bead index (starting from left, Trollbeads glass and Chamilia silvers): flower lock, blizzard tassel, LE summer butterfly, July hydrangea, purple rippling bubbles, unique purple bumps, September forget me not, unique white/purple watercolor, November chrysanthemum, unique purple flowers, crown chakra, December poinsettia, LE Trollbeads at the beach, January snowdrop, ivory violets, August dahlia, LE diamond purple flower, blizzard, April daisy, unique purple glitter.

  • Joyce Holland

    My birthday is in May and I happen to really like May’s Lily of the Valley from the Chamilia Garden Club, so I would definitely wear it to represent my birthday. I like the January bead as well, but somehow it feels a little odd to wear a bead that represents a month that has no special meaning to me. Am I the only one or are there more people that feel the same way?

    • Leann

      You should get what you like! The flowers can just represent the flowers ;). I love floral designs so really it works even if you don’t have a tie to the month :).

  • GemGal

    This past summer I snatched up a Chamilia Garden Club Rose which represents my birth month of June. I just started collecting roses from other brands because I love the various symbolic meanings behind them. I use the rose to represent simplicity, femininity and inner beauty.

    • Nereida Ammari

      ” I use the rose to represent simplicity, femininity and inner beauty.” That was beautifully said.

    • Leann

      That is perfect! It’s such a great bead :).