Chamilia Garden Club (February and March)

chamilia-season-1-2015-cover9The Chamilia Season 1 2015 Collection brought the conclusion of the Garden Club charms with February Violet and March Daffodil! I’ve been a huge fan of this set and the designs are gorgeous and perfect for representing birth months or for the flowers themselves.  This is one of my favorite collections and I’ve had so much fun reviewing the other beads and you can find them here: Chamilia Garden Club (April – July), Chamilia Garden Club (August – October), and Chamilia Garden Club (November – January).


There’s only two charms left from this 12 month set and they are the February Violet and March Daffodil.  As with all these beads, they’re large oval shaped with the particular flower detailed on the front and back.  The February Violet has wide spread out petals with tiny buds in the middle.  March Daffodil resembles its namesake with triangular petals surrounding a large center dotted with pollen.

These charms are universal cored but do have threading on one end, so can be used with Pandora and Trollbeads bracelets too.  They can be found on the official Chamilia website or authorized retailers like Classic Beads and Blooming Boutique.  I’m so excited to have completed this collection and I’ve put them all together on one bracelet with a few green glass as the leaves.  Which flower is your favorite?  Have you gotten any of these?


Bead index (starting from left, Chamilia silvers and Trollbeads glass): TB flower lock, October marigold, February violet, unique green caterpillar, December poinsettia, March daffodil, unique green petals, January snowdrop, August dahlia, unique green python, April daisy, September forget me not, unique mint dillo, May lily of the valley, July hydrangea, unique green petals, June rose, November chrysanthemum. 

  • Rachelle Tremblay

    My husband got me the rose for June for our 27th wedding anniversary. It is lovely on my Chamelia solid bangle.