Chamilia Free Bracelet Event Kicks Off!

chamilia-march-2016-free-braceletToday is the start of the Chamilia semi-annual free bracelet event!  This is a longer promotion and runs from March 4th through the 18th.  I love these types of deals and with any purchase of $100 or more, you can choose from the regular snap bracelet, Brilliance Bangle, or the box chain.  I have all of these styles and my favorite is the Brilliance bangle (with Swarovski crystals in the clasp) or the box chain because it’s so flexible and comfortable.

The offer can be found on the official Chamilia website or my recommended dealer Classic Beads.  Have you been looking forward to this promotion?

  • LiveYourDreams

    I’m always up for a free bracelet promotion, but sadly I’ll be passing on this one. I wear an 8.7 or 9.1 inch bracelet and those are not available options for this promotion.