Chamilia Fall (Season 3) 2016 Collection

chamilia-season-3-2016-cover1Brands are looking forward to fall with the first being Chamilia, who introduced their fall collection this week!  On Monday, Chamilia debuted its Season 3 2016 Collection and it’s one of my favorites already.  There are 4 distinct themes, a number of limited editions, and several charms dedicated to charities which is absolutely wonderful.  The themes are Give Love, Give Care, Give Thanks, and Halloween.

The Give Care set highlights the Give Care Charm with a donation of $4 to organizations dedicated to women’s heart health with each purchase.  The motif of this collection is public service occupations with teachers, nurses, and police officers called out.

Give Love features the Give Love Charm which donates $4 to Humane Society International for every one sold.  This set has cute animal themes with beautiful mixed materials like brilliant Russian Blue Indicolite Swarovski Crystals in Kotya Cat, bright red enamel for the Red Robin, and rose gold plating for Piggy.

Give Thanks focuses on the Give Thanks Charm and donates $4 of every sale to the WhyHunger foundation.  It is mainly focused on autumn with bold colors in their Effervescence Collection.

Chamilia does Halloween like no other and this year’s could be their best yet!  There is the main line which has Beasty, Skeleton Key, Pumpkin, and the LE Halloween Moon, which are all sold separately.  The other is a set that is only available together and includes Beasty, LE Haunted House, and LE Seriously Witchy.

chamilia-season-3-2016-breast-cancer-gift-setLastly, there’s a new breast cancer gift set which includes a limited edition Fearless charm with fuschia Swarovski crystals on a white leather bracelet.  There is also a new variation of their smooth bracelet with an oval clasp for great flexibility.  Chamilia fits on all bracelet types including Pandora and can be purchased from their official website.  Are you tempted by any of these designs?  There’s too many for me to choose from! 🙂

  • Sydney

    Love this collection! Not only are the new charms adorable but the fact that donations are made to organizations with the purchase of certain charms is amazing. You can wear something cute while supporting a good cause!

  • Anna

    Love this idea!! Great way to support great causes, especially love the give care collection supporting women’s heart health. The piggy bank charm is definitely on my wish list!

  • Xtal Feather

    I like the oak leaf with acorn. Is that new or an older charm.

  • FairObjective

    Hi Leann! Love this release, especially the Halloween themes; Halloween Moon and Pumpkin are my favorites. I also think the beige-colored murano, Prosecco Effervescence, looks very pretty, and will be versatile also. The Pinecone is one more that I’ll probably pick up; love autumn designs! Quite a few from this release worth a 2nd (and 3rd) look! Love it. Hope you and your family are doing well, and take care…Kim