Chamilia Fall (Season 3) 2015 Collection Preview

chamilia-fall-2015-halloween-braceletThis week has been full of previews, and we are [probably] ending with a sneak peek at the upcoming Chamilia Fall (Season 3) 2015 Collection!  This is actually a smaller set than I was expecting given their robust Season 1 and Season 2 releases, but it features some fabulous pieces.  The themes are Zodiacs, Milestones, Celebration, and Halloween with just a touch of seasonal influence.  These charms include what is coming out for North America, and the official release date is July 17th.

The Zodiacs are large oval pendants depicting the 12 astrological designs on the front and their corresponding symbols on the back.  I absolutely adore the milestone charms and have been hankering for something similar for a very long time; they can be used to mark a special anniversary or birthdays too.  To along with that are the celebration charms, which are super adorable and two-toned.  The floral charms offer a hint that it’s autumn and lastly, my absolute favorite from the collection are the Halloween charms!  Three of these are only going to be available as part of the limited edition Wickedly Charming Gift Set which also comes with its own special packaging.

chamilia-fall-2015-european-disney-tinkerbellI’m also including a new Disney charm that will only be available in European markets because there’s probably interest for it. It is in the same style as their Disney Princesses profiles and features Tinkerbell. It looks better than the previous ones though and depicts the sweet little fairy true to form.

These charms will be available to preorder from Classic Beads shortly; I expect the Halloween set will be a hot seller so be sure to reserve yours first!  What do you think of these designs?  Are you excited for this release?

  • Ivanka

    Some of these are great looking! I like the moon beams one, so I guess I’m getting the set. A little disappointed there’s not more fall thanksgivingy stuff but I’m liking the champagne bottle and champagne flute. Those will be perfect for a New Years theme.

    • Leann

      You’re right! Those would be great :).

      • Ivanka

        Tried ordering the Halloween set online since I don’t have a local retailer right now and sold out! I was on the Chamilia site about 12:30am PDT and it was already gone. That went super fast!

  • Amanda Locke

    I like that the Halloween set for this year looks like it will go so well with the set from last year. I also like the bat and the thrive and grow charm. 🙂

    • Leann

      I totally agree :D.

  • Joyce Pattillo

    Love the Halloween set and extra charms. I too would love to see some Thanksgiving/Fall charms from Chamilia

    • Leann

      They are so cute! 🙂

  • Sharene

    Do you know the date of that Halloween Gift set release, Leann? Or where it can be purchased?