byBiehl Venus Necklace Review

bybiehl-necklace-coverbyBiehl is a brand that I have been meaning to give more attention to.  I adore their unique take on the modular jewelry concept which features pods in a variety of finishes.  I started with their leather bracelets which are slightly wide flat and the pods are meant to stay in place which is wonderful.  Today’s review then turns to a brand new product to me, the byBiehl Venus Necklace!  Necklaces are all the vogue for the summer, with the warmer temperatures making wearing jewelry a bit cumbersome, so it’s nice to explore other venues that we can use our charms on.

The byBiehl Venus Necklace is similar to the Trollbeads fantasy chains, if you’re familiar with those.  It does not have a clasp, rather it is simply looped over the head to be worn.  The charms are threaded onto the chain (with the ends together) and slides to the bottom where there is a pod that keeps them from falling off.  These are incredibly easy to compose and wear – I’ve been delighted by this gorgeous addition to my collection and a new way to wear my byBiehl pods.

The Venus Necklace comes in 3 lengths: 70 cm, 80 cm, and 90 cm and is available in gold finish, dark rhodium, and silver.  I recommend a longer chain so that you can possibly wear more pods and it’s more versatile too.  I choose the dark rhodium since most of the pods I picked have the oxidized finish.  byBiehl is one of the many brands that Perlen carries, or they can be purchased from their official online store.  Are you ready for summer?  What jewelry do you like to wear in the hotter months?


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  • carol

    It looks nice and crisp and worth exploring

    • Leann

      It’s really simple and elegant :).