byBiehl Spring Sale

byBiehl recently put a number of their popular designs on sale and it ends tomorrow! There are pods, earrings, and rings available in their outlet and the discount is substantial – up to 40%.  Some of my favorite pieces are on clearance including the Serpent, Momento Mori, and Leaves.  This is the perfect time to add a few pieces to your collection or try out the brand if you’ve been on the fence.


byBiehl is based in Denmark and has a really unique take on leather bracelets and charms. I’ve offered a number of reviews of their different bracelets, including their trademark leather, sterling silver, and bangle as well.  The sale can be found on their official website and they offer shipping worldwide.  Are you intrigued by this style?

  • Andie

    Perlen is having a sale too on some of these items so I was able to order a couple things. I’ve tried a few times in the past to order directly from the ByBiehl site and have had trouble. It doesn’t stay in English once you try to checkout and you are required to enter credit card info before you get a total. I have even emailed them with questions and the response isn’t in English so I have no idea what they are saying. I love their products though. Is there a trick to ordering from them?

    • Leann

      Hi Andie, I haven’t had any issues before. I would try emailing them again maybe? Good luck!

      • Nereida Ammari

        I got a response hours later by messaging them on FB. The $100 free ship had disappeared from their website but they said they go over the orders and don’t charge. And the sale items kept reverting back to orig prices and some items would disappear from sale page and reappear later. I did discover Perlen. Between the exchange rate and the refund of VAT, some things were considerably cheaper. Got the Good luck Starter for $91 and my first Rebeligion. I’m loving Perlen. Unless the prices are much cheaper on By Biehl, Perlen never glitches and is hassle free.

      • Leann

        Excellent! Perlen is definitely one of my favorite retailers – they often get me in trouble ;).

  • Lyn

    I purshased my leather bracelet 2 years ago and wear it regularly. It is very comfortable, although the clasp can be a little tricky. The leather stays in great shape. I bought most of my pods during a previous outlet sale, without problem. There was a mix up with my order,they send me the wrong bead. I wrote to them to see what could be done. They mailed me the bead I wanted, no charge (value over 200.00 us)!!!!! Another time a charm was ‘stuck’ on the bracelet, didn’t know what to do. Wrote to them about it, they send me a ‘how to’ video tailor made for my problem!!! I always write to them in english, never had a problem.. Does anyone have the silver silver bracelet?

  • SCM

    I tried ordering from their site – i had over $100 in my basket and when I tried to checkout I was given a choice of either DL shipping for $8.50 or GLS shipping for $25 – despite their website stating that worldwide shipping was free for orders over $100. I emailed customer service about it – and it’s been over a week with no response. So they’ve lost my business. I was able to get some of what I wanted, on sale, from Perlen – which is where I will most likely continue to make my purchases. A lack of response to my email is poor customer service and there’s too many other companies out there that do respond – so that’s where I’ll take my money.

    • Leann

      Oh no! That’s too bad :(.

      • SCM

        I was able to get what I wanted from Perlen at the sale price – so it wasn’t a major tragedy. I’m just disappointed at the lack of response from byBiehl to my inquiry regarding shipping . . . and as Andie also said below . . once you try to checkout, the website reverts back to Dutch – so I couldn’t tell what info I was even supposed to enter . . . if they want to sell internationally, they need to address these issues

      • Leann

        At least I’m glad you were able to get the pods you wanted! 🙂