byBiehl Spring 2014 Love Collection

bybiehl-spring-2014-love-coverFollowing the sneak peek of the byBiehl Spring 2014 Collection last week, today we take a look at the full range of pods that just came out! This collection is simply titled Love and is comprised of 7 designs in silver, gold, rose gold, and oxidized plating. The inspiration comes from love in all our relationships, and with Mother’s Day quickly approaching these charms are also perfect to represent that special woman in your life.  The Natural beige leather is not available yet, so this preview will focus on the pods released.

I really appreciate this brand’s combination of different metal colors and the brushed matte finishes versus the high shine.  Love is detailed with CZ and comes in shiny silver and gold plated.  Melting Heart is a really cool design and is available in rose gold finish and polished silver.  Mum only comes in the dark rhodium oxidized pod but the embossed word is highlighted in bright silver.  Oui is debuting in matte silver and brushed gold, and perhaps refers to answering to the big question.

The charms are at a higher price point, but the pods are hand finished and really well made.  In spite of having a couple leather bracelets and a number of pods, I have been delinquent in featuring byBiehl on the blog more frequently; something I hope to remedy in the future as I really appreciate the quality of these products.  byBiehl can be purchased on Perlen, my preferred retailer, or their official website.  Do you like this style?