byBiehl Silver Bracelet Review

bybiehl-silver-braceletbyBiehl is traditionally known for their leather bracelets and wonderfully designed pods (charms), but in 2013 they released a silver version of their bracelet which is the focus of this review.  The beauty of this brand is that their bracelets are so comfortable to wear and that the pods actually stay in place.  So I was excited when I heard about their silver bracelet coming out last year and finally indulged in getting one myself.  I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now and it’s just as functional and easy to wear as their leather bracelets!

Unlike their leathers, which are double wraps, the silver bracelet is single strand made of a mesh silver material.  This style gives it a very unique aesthetic and also makes the chain extremely flexible.  The pods slide right on and have the same hold as it does for the leather bracelets so they do not move around.  I adore this look especially when stacked with my other byBiehl bracelets.

The quality is evident in this brand and I’m excited to be growing my byBiehl collection.  Their bracelets and pods are only designed to be used together so they’re not compatible with other brands.  These products can be purchased on Perlen with free international shipping.  Are you a fan of this look?


  • Francine

    Very pretty, I did not realize that the silver bracelets were sterling silver but just checked Perlen’s site and the silver bracelet sells for $148usd so must be sterling at that price. The bracelet and pods are pretty but pricey.

    • Leann

      Yes, it’s sterling silver and a lot of metal so that’s why it’s expensive. But on the upside, you don’t need as many pods to complete a look! 😉

  • Oana

    I like byBiehl very much, too. I was encouraged by the fact that you got one of their bracelets, and… I got one, too (the promo bracelet with the silver forget-me-not pod). It is really beautiful, and indeed, very comfortable, and I’ve been wearing it everyday since. Thank you for this new review. I will probably get in the future one of their silver bracelets — they look very unique as well!

    • Leann

      Fabulous! Their bracelets are super comfy and one of the only ones I can wear while typing :). The silver is just as lovely and looks great stacked with the other leathers!

      • Oana

        Oh yes, absolutely, it’s perfect for work, in front of the computer all day typing! My Pandora bracelet on my left hand, my noise-less byBiehl on the right one 🙂

  • Tracy

    Thank you for the great review, I’ve been wondering about this one. I bought the black leather with the promo last year, and love it… I think this one might be next. Thanks again

    • Leann

      You bet! It’s really versatile :).

  • Donna Lobel

    Every time you post about this brand it makes me want one! Maybe in the future. I have not yet ordered from Perlen as I like to see what I am buying. These really look beautiful. Thanks for the review.

    • Leann

      If you don’t like it, you can always return it ;).