byBiehl Inspirational Pod and Bracelet Review

bybiehl-inspirational-pod-braceletAt the beginning of October, the Inspiration Awards for Women were held for a third year in a row. The occasion is to highlight positive female role models and as an avenue to promote breast cancer research. byBiehl was a main sponsor of the Inspiration Awards this year and also last year; the brand created a special pod for the event featuring the pink logo of the Inspiration Awards.  Every participant received a bracelet and pod to commemorate the ceremony and to show their support of breast cancer awareness.  Charlotte Biehl, the creator behind the brand, presented an award this year at the glamorous show and below are pictures from the event, courtesy of byBiehl.

The pod was also designed by Charlotte and is a testament to the meaning behind this piece*.  It showcases the female form logo of the Inspiration Awards highlighted in pink CZ.  The background is slightly oxidized with brushed silver and the logo is slightly raised off the surface for it to stand out.  On the back is the forget me not flower that is the brand’s trademark.  I was surprised at how heavy the pod is and can understand why the cost of the pods are higher due to all the metal it uses.  It is wonderfully crafted and a great way to show your support for breast cancer awareness.

The pod can be purchased through the byBiehl website €94 or Perlen for $102USD.  Last year, it was available as part of a bracelet and pod bundle, but it looks like it’s only available as the pod this year.  10% of the sales goes towards the Inspiration Awards and their support of international breast cancer research.  I’m having so much fun adding to my growing byBiehl collection and stacking my bracelets.  Do you like this design?


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  • Carolyn

    It’ll be awhile before I start on byBiehl. Still have some much to complete!! And I can’t see these in person which is a big downer especially if they don’t suit me/I like them 🙂

    • Leann

      I know…there’s always so much on the wish list! Priorities priorities ;). byBiehl just got picked up by an Australian distributor so I’m sure you’ll be able to see it in stores soon!

    • byBiehl

      Hi Carolyn, There are already quite a few retailers in Australia. Maybe there’s one near you. You can see the full retailer list here:

  • Jeanne Pursell

    I haven’t started on this collection yet, Leann. I do love what you have done though!! I will have to investigate and see if they sell them anywhere around me! Thanks, Jeanne

    • Leann

      Thanks so much! They’re not here in the US yet, so I’ve been buying them from Perlen :).