Pandora Black Friday Promotions 2016

pandora-black-friday-2016-promotion-coverI hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! For this year’s Black Friday weekend (November 25th – 27th), Pandora is offering a special free LE Snowflake bangle promotion with any purchase of $125USD or more.  There is a limit of 3 per customer but you can check with your local retailer for more details.  The Snowflake bangle is only available through this offer and stores cannot ship overseas.

pandora-black-friday-2016-poinsettia-coverIn addition to this fabulous deal, the Black Friday Charm will debut for North America only and is called the LE Poinsettia.  It’s an 8 pointed poinsettia flower in pavé red CZ.  These will be sold until they run out of stock, and in previous years they’ve had enough for months afterward so there’s really no hurry to get this special.


Lastly, there’s also a Pandora Rue La La sale starting on November 25th at 11 am EST!  This boutique should last at least a week, probably 10 days and according to the caption, features new styles.  There will be charms, Essence beads, rings, earrings, and necklaces. Some designs sell out fast, so don’t miss out!  This site is by invitation only, so if you don’t have an account yet, you can use my invitation to join. Pandora has been sold through Rue La La for the past couple of years and they are authentic of course. They deliver internationally now so you can use the site from overseas as well.

Are you planning on getting any new Pandora this weekend?

  • jae

    Yes, I got the new bangle and I love it!!! It’s lighter than the other Pandora bangle I have (to me, anyway) and I put the new Poinsettia charm on it-Perfect!!! TY for keeping me updated


    My poor husband stood in line to get this bangle and OH WOW What a disappointment! I had to take a magnifying glass to it in order to read the script and it was still difficult! Certainly not what is advertised. Think I’m backing away a bit and certainly will not buy anything from Pandora without seeing it first. I really feel the advertising in this case was truly misleading!

    • Coonedog 7

      So sad. Pandora will work with getting exchange to another other
      charm . Lot’s of cute christmas stuff 🙂

  • Michele

    I am so happy get LE Poinsettia instead of LE bangle. At first think won’t participate for this promotion because I don’t need anymore bangle ( have 4 already ). One shop has no bangle left and give Poinsettia so I got it free.