Another Pandora Valentine’s special

Closely following the news of a special Valentine’s day bracelet gift set, it’s been reported that Pandora will be offering a necklace and earring gift set as well, named “be my Valentine,” which includes a new heart pendant and earrings in white CZs.  There is currently a very similar pendant, but it has pink CZs instead, released for Valentine’s Day 2011.  This set will be available for $125USD, a $40 savings rather than purchasing the items separately ($165 value) and it will be released around January.  It will also come with the porcelain box that I mentioned in the “Love of my life” bracelet set, which is still in development, with the exception that the storage componant will be made to accommodate the earrings.

I’m not a hearts person, so I’m not a fan of this design, although I was excited to see the bracelet set with the pavé heart clips.  However, this is a great gift for husbands and boyfriends to give on Valentine’s day.  I think the simplicity and elegance of the open heart will appeal to many.

  • Angela

    Leann thanks,
    Very simple indeed, and IMO it is not an original or interesting design .Looks like every other open heart with cz set that has been available through the years.

  • Linda

    I appreciate all your insight with regards to Pandora weather I am going to buy it or not.Thanks ….and I am currently working on my 10+ bracelet so I keep the updates coming 🙂 Wish the US Pandora did More promos!

  • Pat

    Can hardly read this. Background too dark! Help!

  • Sophs

    Necklace earring gift set is $140 in Canada and bracelet set is $225. Great deals!

    • Leann

      Thanks for the info, Sophs! Not too much different from USD. 🙂