Announcing…the 2013 Pandora Cruise

Members of the Pandora Club received an email this afternoon announcing the 2013 Unforgettable Pandora Cruise!  Pandora fans have been clamoring for this announcement since before the 2012 cruise even completed.  Most of the complaints from people who could not go earlier this year involved the short time (and limited) notice that was received and that it was too close to spring break when the rates for travelers would be higher than normal.  Here is the information from the email:

Set sail with PANDORA aboard Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas ® for a 7-day cruise to St. Thomas and St. Maarten on the official PANDORA cruise.  Enjoy exclusive PANDORA gifts, VIP events and unique shopping experiences designed just for you.

Departing from Port Canaveral, Florida, join us for this amazing PANDORA event from April 21 – 28, 2013.

That certainly gives people enough time to plan!  Since the last cruise was announced late November, with a final payment date of January 3rd, it didn’t give us much time to save.  But with the cruise being almost 9 months away, this will hopefully be enough time for everyone.  Unfortunately, the rates are much higher for next year’s cruise than this year’s.  Here’s a look at the type of rooms and their prices – keep in mind all prices are in USD and room rate are PER PERSON.  This is a result of the cruise being 7 days instead of 4 days, of course, but the higher price point is a bit difficult to stomach.  I was, and am, a major proponent for the cruise to be longer with more time to spend on vacation if I was already shelling out the cash to fly cross-country to Florida, but this increase in cost certainly gives me pause.  By my calculations, it would be 33% more than it cost us this year for my husband and I to go.

Well, with the registration period just beginning, we’ll have some time to think it over and budget if we decide to go.  We did have a great time at the last cruise, but there were definitely some growing pains that I hope are going to be ironed out for this year.  To recap, my biggest disappointment was the special charm that each participant received (king’s crown with “CRUISE 2012” engraved), the lack of selection at the Pandora retailers (store-in-stores)  had  in stock, and no special GWP for the “Unforgettable” shopping event.  I suspect with the cruise ship charm coming out this fall, they may just give us the cruise ship with “CRUISE 2013” engraved on it.  😛

  • Ashley

    Leann, you mentioned you brought your husband along on the 2012 Pandora cruise. Was there a lot of men that actually came with their wives or not? I really want to go next year and was thinking how much fun it would be to bring my husband. But I didn’t want him to feel like an oddball on a ship flocked with Pandora hungry women with no men in sight! 🙂

  • Caz Sultz

    Hi Leann,

    The payment for this cruise is due at the end of January 2013, so that does shorten the time to save for it……..:/

    • Leann

      I know, Caz. But it sure is better than the one month we had last year, lol.

  • Alexandra Cotto

    Hi Leann, I was so excited yesterday when I received the e-mail! Even more when I saw it was going to be in the caribbean, but felt so bummed when I saw the prices knowing I would have to fly to Florida since I’m in the caribbean… =(
    So, I think I’m going to be missing out, which sucks cause your pictures looked so fun!

    I actually wanted to share with you a special promotion of Chamilia’s website! They’re doing some kind of sweeptakes of giving away 3 birthstone charms monthly! So I thought I would share with you so you could share with the other girls that follow your blog that are also Chamilia lovers (like me! ^_^ ) So let me know if you want the email, or whatever.

    • Leann

      Thanks, Alexandra! That’s too bad you can’t make the cruise :(.

  • Kym

    I am so tempted to go on this cruise I take care of my mom and we would have to use a wheelchair for her but I know she would not care. I am just worried about getting from ship to shore with her.

    • Leann

      It shouldn’t be a problem, they’ve got elevators through the ship and the docking area, I believe. 🙂

  • Mary Yapp

    Just returned from Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas cruise to Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Marten. We LOVED RC cruising. Am having buyers remorse that I did not pick up the hibiscus murano charm while I was there. If anyone is willing to get it for me, please let me know. Also, was at Boulchard’s in St. Thomas and they had the cruise ship charm both with and without St. Thomas engraved on the bottom of the charm. I didn’t think that Pandora engraved any of their charms, so I bought the non-engraved charm to be safe that it was indeed a real Pandora. One word of caution, there is at least one shop there that had fake Pandora charms behind the counter. His story was, “I used to sell Pandora, until we got our own store here and now they won’t allow me to sell them any longer. But I see that you have an affinity for Pandora (I had my bracelets on), so I will show them to you and you can buy them on my discounted price.” He was selling them for $25-40. They were Murano style beads, but the stamping was not the same on them and there were patterns that I did not recognize. I don’t recall the name of the store for sure, I want to say either Royal or Bobby’s.

    • Leann

      Hi Mary, which one is the hibiscus murano? Is it the red flowers for you? Do you just want it from the islands specifically? Because it’s available everywhere :). That’s really interesting, I’d be curious to see what he has since retailers can sell at a discount once they no longer carry Pandora, but if you don’t recognize the designs then you’re right that they’re probably fake. I’m so glad you had a good time, the Pandora Cruise is making the same port calls so I’m very excited!