Alex Cramariuc – Tupilak

aca-kreations-tupilak2Alex Cramariuc is debuting his newest creation today and it’s a doozy!  The design is called Tupilak and is made for a fantasy necklace.  The Tupilak is an Greenlandic Troll and represents “one of the most iconic symbols of the Greenlandic Inuits, the Tupilak originates with the practice of witchcraft and used to be made exclusively by the shaman who then used it in different rituals.”

These are traditionally made from “whale, walrus or narwhal ivory, to represent different animal/monster spirits or a combinations of 2 or more.”  In this vein, Alex is also releasing a limited batch of walrus ivory beads today.  You can see these in between the Tupilak pendant.

The design is one complete piece with spaces for beads at each end and in the middle, with the necklace strung through the center.  There will only be 100 of the Tupilak made, so hurry while they last!  Alex ships from his studio in Denmark, and can be found on his website ACA Kreations.

In other news, there will be one last batch of the Mandala Disc (large) available for sale today before its retirement.  His Mandala collection is divine and I’m so sad to see it go!  There will be other beads discontinued this fall including Dragon, Mandala Sphere (open), and Aer, each coming out as a special two-tone versions to send them off.  Are you excited by this news?

  • Alice Wonder

    Alex beads are simply stunning. I’ve got another one around his sale. I was late again. He only had few beads left.