Alex Cramariuc Retirement Specials Debut

alex-cramariuc-retirement-2015-cover2Alex Cramariuc is officially retiring some of his most popular designs today! To celebrate this occasion, he’s created a limited number of special two-tone editions, as well as restocking them for the last time.  These will go on sale around noon Danish time, and is sure to sell out quickly.  The retired charms are:

  • Octopus
  • Japanese Waves
  • Cherry Blossom small
  • Cherry Blossom medium
  • Cherry Blossom large
  • Clouds
  • Dragon (limited edition coming next year)

5 of these will be debuting as special editions including the Octopus, Japanese Waves, Cherry Blossom large, Cherry Blossom small (two kinds), and Clouds.  There are 10 pieces available of each of these designs, beautifully oxidized with gold accents.  The photos are already up on his website, ACA Kreations, as well as the prices.  They are on the more expensive side, but very reasonable compared to other brands.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get one of Alex’s gorgeous creations!  What do you think of these retirement specials?

  • Bonnie May

    I so wish I could afford the retirement editions. But I did snag a “plain” cherry blossom!

    • jburgh

      Same here Bonnie. I also got a small mandala and chrysanthemum.

      • Bonnie May

        Have you received yours? I haven’t even gotten a shipping confirmation. 🙁