Alex Cramariuc Memento Mori Debut

aca-kreations-skull1Alex Cramariuc is launching a new line today called Memento Mori!  To start, the first bead in this collection is simply Skull.  This is a realistic representation of the human skull and is perfect for gothic fans or celebrating Halloween.  It reminds me of a Neanderthal skull rather than Homo Sapiens one with its large nostril opening and high cheekbones.

As with all of Alex’s creations, this is a good sized charm and detailed as well.  They have large cores and can fit on all bracelet brands including Pandora.  These are handcrafted and shipped from Alex’s studio in Denmark.  The Skull is €69 and can be purchased from his website, ACA Kreations.

Also, Alex has fully restocked his amazing Elements pieces and a final run of the Octopus.  For beadaholics who have been waiting these designs’ return, they are now available through his website as well!  What do you think of his new addition?

  • jburgh

    I really like this skull. I think you can always count on Alex to create something interesting. I did purchase this particular skull and completed my elements collection. Very eager to see what else will be in the Memento Mori collection…perhaps a grim reaper, headstone, or hourglass.