Alex Cramariuc Daruma Doll Release

aca-kreations-daruma1Today Alex Cramariuc is releasing another new design for his collection and it’s called the Daruma Doll!  The daruma dolls are popular in Japanese culture as a symbol of good luck.  Alex’s charms are heavily influenced by Eastern culture so this bead certainly fits his past themes.  The Daruma Doll has such fascinating details and I’m eager to feature it for review.

An interesting customization that Alex added is that one of the eye sockets can be fitted with a gem of your choice.  This can be done at a later time with the help of a professional jeweler.  It is certainly a fabulous idea – I can just imagine this character with a bright ruby or emerald eye.

It does have a large core and is compatible with Pandora and Trollbeads bracelet styles.  The Daruma Doll can be purchased from the designer’s studio, ACA Kreations, and is shipped from Denmark.  Alex has been busy these past few weeks with the release of the Memento Mori bead and now the Daruma Doll; what do you think of his latest offering?