Alex Cramariuc ACA Kreations News

eske-storm-cherry-blossom-large-and-smallSome news from Alex Cramariuc this morning as he’s come back from a well-deserved vacation.  The big update is that he will be retiring a handful of his designs at the end of September, including his beloved Cherry Blossoms!  Probably one of his most popular pieces and these are my favorite cherry blossom beads too so I am very sad to see them go.  If you’re interested in them, I’ve written reviews previously and you can find them here: Alex Cramariuc Cherry Blossoms.  Another one of my absolute favorites from Alex is the rest of his Japanese Waves collection, which are on the list as well.  Lastly, the magnificent Octopus was also mentioned to be discontinued soon.

Similar to the retirement of the Waves last month, there will be an extremely limited number of gold and silver two-tone versions sold as one of the last batches of the beads.  These were just the ones he talked about so far – there may be more to come too.  I would encourage fans to purchase them when you can because they are not mass produced and will soon be going away.  Alex hand-makes all his charms; they are sold out of his studio in Denmark and available on his website ACA Kreations.

On a happier note, the Elements charms will be available again this Saturday (Danish time) in small quantities so I will be publishing my review of them on Friday for anyone interested in acquiring the pieces (and trust me, they’re exquisite!).  Finally, there are two new designs coming at the end of September/early October so I am on tenterhooks to see what he has in store for us next!  Will you be sad to see these collections retired?

  • Mike @ Ohm

    Alex’s designs are stunning! I highly recommend his Elements charms.

    • Leann

      Hehe, goes so well with the Ohm spacers and clips too! 😉

  • Ivanka

    I missed out on the octopus 🙁 I checked his site just now and sold out, I waited too long.

  • Nereida Ammari

    I just received my gold waves. It’s so beautiful. Hopefully there will be more rose charms. I’m hoping for clouds. Anyway, the quality is amazing.

    • Leann

      Wow, lucky you Nereida! How are you using it?

      • Nereida Ammari

        Next to an artisan Chinese dragon head and a Pandora swan, though I think I may replace the swan.

      • Leann

        Wow, very nice!!

  • bebe rusty

    Hi Leann, I was able to order large cherry blossoms, dragon and waves from Alex’s website today. It seems he has re-stocked some of them. I’m still looking for Clouds as that is still sold out (not sure if he re-stocked it or not). I also see a lot of his other beads, so anyone looking do order now to avoid last minute rush!

    • Leann

      Those are great choices! He should be restocking every once in a while until September. Be sure to sign up for his newsletter too! 😀