Alex and Ani Uncharted Voyage Collection

alex-ani-unchartered-voyage-coverJust last week, Alex and Ani launched their newest collection called Uncharted Voyage.  I was actually on my own vacation so the timing was perfect but this article ended up being postponed a bit because of that.  This is a colorful release and includes some wonderful bracelets great for the summer.  There’s a mix of bangles and wraps with different materials too which are great for stacking together.

Unlike most of their collection, a majority of these pieces are only available in Rafalian gold or silver, not both.  This is actually pretty cool because the designers picked the metal that would contrast the best with the color of the beads.  I love the bohemian sea adventurer look they’re going for and it’s spot on for the season.  The bold bright shades used are white, teal, Kelly green, blue, and orange.

Alex and Ani are made from recycled metals and produced in the USA.  They stack together wonderfully with other bangles or charm bracelets too.  This brand operates a webshop from their official site and the collection can be purchased there.  Are you a fan of these styles?

  • jahndra

    I like the second bracelet a lot but I wonder if it will act more as a hair remover >_< lol

  • Carol

    I love the nautical vibe and the gorgeous, vibrant colors! Alex and Ani seems to be evolving and moving in a different direction. I have been a long time fan of A&A, but I am particularly impressed with this beautiful new collection!

    • Leann

      Yeah, it’s perfect for the season! 🙂

  • Carolyn

    They also have a few earring too on the website. Cute but the designs aren’t for me.
    The bracelets on the other hand, I really need to buckle down and get the ones I want before they are retired lol

  • Jennifer

    I have the sand dollar wrap and stack it with the Pandora “always in my heart bangle” I got for my birthday. Looks great!

  • Carol

    I ended up purchasing the teal leather beaded wrap, the teal sea glass bangle, and the new sand dollar dangle in the gold finish. I also purchased another teal leather and a blue leather wrap for the two wonderful caregivers which help to take care of my elderly mom. They are so pretty, seasonably appropriate and make great affordable gifts! 😀