Alex and Ani – Sunflower (Charity by Design)

alex-and-ani-sunflowerToday is the official launch for Alex and Ani’s newest bangle called Sunflower.  This bracelet is made to support the Alzheimer’s Association which does great work to support awareness and research for the disease.  Their goal is to eliminate this terrible disease that is long-suffering and has such a devastating effect on the family.  The company has pledged 20% of proceeds to go directly to the organization.

The Alzheimer’s Association is sponsoring the inaugural Alzheimer’s Awareness month this June which ties in perfectly with the release of this bangle.  The design features a geometric sunflower with yellow enamel on a purple background.  The bracelets are available in the Rafaelian silver or Rafaelian gold and is mostly one size fits all.  They can be purchased from the Alex and Ani official store.  I love that these products supports such a good cause, is this something you’re interested in?

  • Pattie Hall

    my mom has this awful disease and to watch her go away more every day,is a hard thing to do. so I will be getting this to remember when she was as bright as this flower.

    • Leann

      That is so terrible :(. I can’t imagine seeing your loved one slip away like this.