Alex and Ani Monopoly Collection

alexani-monopoly-collection-coverThis is going to be a busy week for Alex and Ani and today they kick it off by officially debuting their new Monopoly Collection. This is their first collaboration with Hasbro and one that’s rather unusual to see for a jewelry company but I love it! I’ve spent many hours playing this game and it’s definitely brings back fond (and competitive) memories from my childhood.  I actually got to see these in person last weekend at Blooming Boutique and they are so adorable.

There are 4 iconic symbols available in this collection: Scottie dog, cat, house, and car.  Rather than their standard medallions, these resemble the playing pieces in the game and they’re rather well done.  Each bangle comes in both the Rafaelian silver or Rafaelian gold, and they stack wonderfully with other bracelets.

I couldn’t resist and picked up the car and Scottie dog in the silver finish as they were my favorite pieces.  I do wish they had the thimble and top hat as well, but maybe they will be in a future release.  Alex and Ani is made in the USA from recycled metals and is eco-friendly.  I love how many different themes this brand covers, is this a fun collection to you?

  • Bonnie May

    Cute, but this month I got the Skeleton Key & Starfish (20% to breast cancer research). Plus as much as I’d enjoy starting a game of Monopoly, I always managed to run out of money and end the game frustrated…

    • Leann

      Ooo perfect! Yes, it usually took forever to finish but I remember having lots of fun with the game :D.

  • Carolyn

    Loving the cat, might just have to get it for my fur baby 😉

    • Leann

      Aww, that would be purrrrfect ;).

  • Carol

    I’m so glad that Alex and Ani finally has a cat bangle for all of us cat lovers! I received one for Christmas and purchased one for my cousin and one for my mother in law as well. Love the monopoly pieces!