Alex and Ani Infinite Love Collection

alexani-infinite-love-coverFor this Valentine’s Day, today Alex and Ani is introducing a couple new bangles called the Infinite Love Collection.  This is really a mini-release as there are only 2 new designs called Infinite Love Bangle and the Valentine’s Beaded Bangle, available in both Rafaelian Gold and Rafaelian Silver.  The Infinite Love is a wrap and the Valentine’s Beaded Bangle features blush or silver beads perfect for this holiday.

Infinite Love is an infinity symbol with “love” written on the bottom right and Valentine’s Beaded Bangle has larger beads interspersed with smaller ones in between.  Alex and Ani is made from eco-friendly recycled metals and is produced in the USA.  These bangles are one size fits most and can be purchased from the official website.  Are you tempted by these new bracelets?

  • Carol

    Leann, these are really adorable. Perfect Valentine’s gifts! Have you noticed that the precious metals collection, which I loved but found incredibly expensive, has been significantly reduced in price? The sterling and gold plated bangles are now all under $100! More affordable! 🙂

    • Leann

      Oh that’s awesome! I did not notice that yet…I will have to check them out :D.

      • Carol

        Yes, the precious metal bangles are listed for $98.00 on the A&A website. When they were first introduced some of them were priced close to $150.00! Quite a reduction!

  • Carol

    The Charity by Design bangles are especially unique and beautiful. There are many to choose from and 20% of the purchase price goes to that particular charity. I’m especially fond of the living water, the starfish with the pink center stone, the owl, and the penguin bangles. I think that it’s also noteworthy that the A&A CEO purchased a Newport RI mansion called Belcourt Castle. It has been beautifully restored and will be open to the public at some point in the future! 😀