Alex and Ani Fall 2014 Collection

alex-ani-fall-2014-indie-spirit-cover2Alex and Ani introduce their Fall 2014 Collection today, titled Indie Spirit! In the same vein as their previous seasonal sets, the bracelets in this release focus on fashion and complementary pieces rather their traditional charm pendant bangles.  The theme of the collection is definitely a mix of vintage and boho chic, which the brand is becoming known for.  Most of the bracelets are available in either Rafalian Gold and Silver finish.

The wraps dominate the majority of the release including beaded and metallic ones.  I’m most intrigued by the new leather wraps available in 4 different colors, but they must be popular because they’re already sold out on the official Alex and Ani store.  I’m glad to see there’s a mix of textures and materials in these bangles.

I keep saying I need to branch out into their colored bangles but so far my collection is pretty much focused on their traditional single charm pendant bangles.  I love that this brand is made in the US with eco-friendly materials so I’m not as concerned that they’re not produced with silver or gold.  Alex and Ani can be purchased from their official website, though unfortunately at this time they still do not ship internationally.  Are you tempted by any of these bracelets?  Do you like their wraps?

  • Donna Lobel

    Yes! Hope to find some in the Bahamas this weekend.

    • Donna Lobel

      According to Alex and Ani the leather will be released in a few weeks.

      • Leann

        Oooh, I will have to check it out then!

    • Leann

      Oooh, have fun!!

  • Sunshine Burch

    I love their colored wraps! They pair quite nicely with my TB bangle (which tends to have 1-2-3 silver charms).

    • Leann

      I still need to get some! I’ve just been collecting their charm bangles so far :).

  • Beth

    This collection is meh for me, and I’m a big Alex and Ani fan. Just got the seahorse and another wrap style last weekend! Can’t wait to get some disney ones in November!

    • Leann

      Aww too bad. Well, they’ll be out with more stuff soon! 😀

  • Tia TL

    So glad I got introduced to Alex & Ani via your blog, Leann! I got my first Alex & Ani bangle over the weekend and I love it. 😀

    Hope you’re enjoying your pregnancy and receiving lots of love and encouragement!

    • Leann

      Awesome! Thanks so much :D. I’m glad you like the bangles…be careful though, they are addictive ;).