Alex and Ani Disney Collection Additions

alexani-disney-cover2014Today Alex and Ani are introducing a number of new bangles for their Disney Collection!  I’m a huge fan of Disney and all the characters so I’m really excited for this expansion of the line.  Included in this recent release are a number of classic Disney characters – Mickey, Pluto, Donald, and Goofy; Disney Princesses like Ariel, Rapunzel, Aurora, and new Cinderella; and Disney theme park bracelets for Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.

I bought a number of Disney bangles when I visited the theme park earlier this year and it’s such a fun souvenir to remember the most magical place on earth.  All of these are available in Rafaelian gold and silver, which is great for combining with their other designs.  They are one size fits most, and only available at Disney World, Disneyland, or the Disney Store online.  Do you like these new bangles?  Which one are you tempted by?

  • carol

    I just recently bought my first alex and ani and i love these! I love the princesses

    • Leann

      Awesome! I was so excited to see the princesses, they’re definitely on my list :D.

  • maybelline

    Wow so many additions! I was at Downtown Disney in Anaheim during Independence Day weekend and didn’t see a lot of these there! I did notice the new Aurora and Belle bangles and picked them up before leaving Anaheim though! I suppose I’ll have to stalk the online Disney store for these to be added. Of course I’ll need to get Rapunzel and Ariel, among others. I’ve been limiting my Alex and Ani buying to only Disney bangles until I get all of the Disney ones I’m interested in, then I’d start on the other collections, but with these additions, they are making it tough for me, lol! Thanks for the info as usual Leann!

    • Leann

      There are a lot, aren’t there? I was surprised at how many they’re adding! I hope they end up doing all the Disney princesses :D. I definitely need Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, and Rapunzel ;). I bought a bunch of Disney Alex and Ani earlier in the year, like my initial and birthstone, along with Magic Kingdom bracelets. I can’t wait to get more :).

      • Beth

        I’m not surprised! These things sell like hot cakes!

      • Beth

        PS–I really want the EPCOT bangle. It is one of my favorite places.

  • Faye

    Yuck, shlock. What an artist friend of mine calls “bread & butter” pieces to sell for money to support your real art. Unless your a Disney fan, then I suppose it’s a whoopee moment!

    • Leann

      They do sell.

  • Natalie Ast

    Ariel and Rapunzel are a must for me! I would love to collect all the parks ones too, I’m such a Disney addict. Do you know if they’re available at Disneyland Paris? Shipping to Canada on the disney store website is ludicrous!

    • Leann

      I don’t think so…just the US site :(.

  • Priscila Triffo

    Goofy is my favorite!! Usually you don’t find many items with just him. I can’t wait to buy it!

    • Leann

      Yeah, normally you don’t see Goofy by himself. I’m glad you like him!

  • Julia

    I am very pleased with the way Ariel turned out, I will have to get her, a must-have since I love Little Mermaid and do have a habit of swimming

    • Leann

      She is gorgeous! Definitely a must have :).

  • Farah

    Tomorrow I’m going to disneyland paris and i’m definitely going to look for these!!!! 😀

    • Leann

      They won’t be available at Disneyland Paris and they’re not coming out until November :(.