ACA Kreations Retirement and Special Edition News

aca-kreations-retirement-2015Sad news today as I finally have details on the upcoming retirement for Alex Cramariuc’s ACA Kreations designs.  On November 27th around noon Danish time, many of these pieces will be restocked one last time and a special edition version will be released to commemorate their tenure.  I am heartbroken at this list as they include some of my all-time favorite charms from any brand.  The designs that will be saying goodbye include:

  • Octopus
  • Japanese Waves and Cherry Flower
  • Cherry Blossom small
  • Cherry Blossom medium
  • Cherry Blossom large
  • Clouds
  • Dragon

For the ones with special editions coming out, here are the details:

  • 10 two-tone Octopuses in silver and 14K rose gold (the eyes) and they will be hand numbered
  • 10 two-tone Japanese Waves in silver and 14K rose gold hand numbered (the standard version will be restocked for the last time)
  • 5 two-tone Cherry Blossom small in 14K rose and white gold hand numbered (standard version will be restocked for the last time)
  • 10 two-tone Cherry Blossom large in silver and 14K gold/rose gold hand numbered
  • 10 two-tone Clouds in silver and 14K gold/rose gold hand numbered
  • Dragon will be restocked in standard version one last time (a dozen max) and a special edition version will come out probably next year (10 pieces max)

As evidenced by previous retirements, the special limited edition charms are extremely popular and will probably sell out quickly.  There is no information on price yet and Alex does not take preorders.  On the specified date, you can check out ACA Kreations website to purchase them.  Are you disappointed to see these beads go?  Which one(s) have you had on your wish list?

  • Nereida Ammari

    Hope my internet connection doesn’t fail me. So few, but I’m definitely trying, though I’m not sure for which. Wish I’d gotten the dragon at the sale. Didn’t think it was going this time.

  • Lori Meyers Yerington

    Leanne, does this mean there will be some silver only octopuses or only the 10, two-toned ones?

    • Nereida Ammari

      They are only 2 tone and you can see a picture of them on Alex’s FB page.

      • Lori Meyers Yerington

        I saw the 2-toned. They are gorgeous. I was just hoping there would be one more run of the plain silver….I don’t know if I’m fast enough to get one of the limited editions!!!

      • Nereida Ammari

        Have faith. The clicking will be spread out between 6 items. However, you don’t have much time to check out.

  • Nereida Ammari

    Also, purchased Dragon today, so it’s in stock.

  • jburgh

    I really love Alex’s beads. I won’t be buying any on the retirement day, but I’ve managed to get several in the past. Wouldn’t be awesome if he did a lock? My favorites are the dragon and the Japanese waves.