ACA Kreations Birthday Sale!

aca-kreations-aer2Today Alex Cramariuc is celebrating 2 years of having his own line ACA Kreations with a fabulous sale!  The offer is for 24 hours only and started at midnight Danish time, so there’s only a few hours left.  It is a great one with discounts of 10% on some of his most popular pieces (while supplies last).  Also, free shipping anywhere with the promo code: ACABDAY.

The designs that are on sale include:

  • 4 Elements
  • Japanese Waves and Cherry flower
  • Japanese Waves
  • Dragon
  • Mandala Sphere (closed)

I’ve reviewed all of these pieces and they are definitely worth getting, especially at a discount!  He creates and ships from his workshop in Denmark and you can purchase his work on the website, ACA Kreations.  Have you been coveting any of these charms?

  • Jess

    Thanks so much for the heads up! I was not aware of the sale so I was not prepared as in I could only get 1 bead lol, but I got Aer which is the bead I have been wanting so badly. I hope to get all of the element beads at some point. They are fabulous!