Trollbeads Autumn & Halloween 2014 Campaign and Prices

The Trollbeads Autumn 2014 Collection is due out in another couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see them in person.  Today, I’m excited to preview some of the campaign imagines that were made for this release.  It’s nice to see the scale of the charms since it’s difficult to tell from the stock images.  I love the eclectic colors and the interesting juxtaposition of the Nordic forest with Eastern spirituality.  The Autumn and Halloween Collections are officially launching on September 5th.

I’ve also included the prices (in USD) for the pieces and the collection ranges from $31 to $56.  The most shocking change from the recent price increase is the cost of the Eastern Facet kit and beads.  The previous faceted glass were $43 but in this release, they’re $56 which is a big jump.  Otherwise, the silvers are about the same as before, and the gemstones were not included in the price hike.

Since the Halloween 2014 Collection is also debuting on the same day, I thought to include the prices for those pieces as well in this post.  The set features three different bat designs – a clasp, charm, and earrings.  I love Halloween, more now than I did when I was younger, and these are high on my wish list.  I’m glad to see the prices comparable and I’ll be getting the clasp and charm for sure.

Most retailers are taking preorders already, including my favorite store Perlen.  What do think of these prices?  What are your must have so far?

  • Lori

    I love the Eastern Facet kit, especially the Harmony, Moonbeam, and Luminous Delight beads, the Harmony because I love the colours, and the Luminous Delight and Moonbeam beads because I can see them on the bracelet (depending on what they look like IRL) I am building now with that brown yellow chalcedony. I really like the little bear, the fawn, the dandelion and the Labyrinth silvers and also that bat charm and lock too! I am starting to visualize a blue themed bracelet, sigh…

    • Leann

      Sounds like a fabulous bracelet! I can’t wait until this collection is out, the beads are divine :D.

  • jahndra

    Do you happen to know when the next sale would be? Now that goldmine is clearing their trollbeads stock I wonder where trollies will be able to take advantage of great sales including the x collection.

    • Leann

      I heard Trollbeads is bringing back their buy 3 get 1 free, but I need to confirm the dates :).

      • Grisell Martinez

        I was at trollbeads NYC today , the girl mentioned about the buy three get one free sometime in October , she was not sure of the exact date.

      • Leann

        Fabulous! I can’t wait for the promo :D.