Rue La La Pandora Boutique Today


Today starts another Pandora sale on Rue La La!  The last boutique was in June and I was disappointed that the retired charms from earlier this year were not included.  With even more jewelry retiring in July, I was hoping that there would be more selection, but my expectations were tempered.  Opening this morning at 11 am EST, the jewelry available is pretty much the same as the last time but there are new stuff even from the last retirement.  This Pandora event will run for 4 days, ending at 11 EST August 20th.

For anyone not familiar with the site, Rue La La specializes in sample sales for designer labels and is by invitation only.  If you don’t have an account yet, you can use my invitation to join.  Pandora has been sold through Rue La La for the past couple of years and they are authentic jewelry.  Unfortunately, they only deliver to the continental US, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and PO Boxes.  The boutique includes charms, rings, earrings, pendants, and watches; quantities are limited though so be sure to act fast!


  1. Help! I’m from Canada but I have an american friend I’m shipping my order to. Problem is: it won’t take my canadian credit card info! Is there a way to get around this??

    • I wonder if it would work if you paid via Paypal?

      • No, I tried. Your billing address on Paypal has to be a US address as well. Disappointing to not be able to take advantage of the sale for those who live across the border. I already have a US mailbox but I just can’t pay without a US billing address.

      • I also live in Canada and I had my credit card company add a secondary billing address. I use the U.S address I am shipping the item to as the secondary billing address. AMEX will add the secondary address for 365 days and Visa will add it for 30 days. This allows you to buy items online and ship to the U.S with a Canadian credit card.

    • No, they only take US billing addresses :(.

  2. Haley Kim says:

    This rue lala sale is making my heart pound! I live in Asia so I had to get help from someone in the US to get the saturn charm(she told me she’ll snatch the charm for me online) but it’s sold out now! I hope she got the charm in time. Ruelala is awesome but I’m bugged out about how fast everything gets sold out! Your website helped me out so much tho thnx!!

  3. Yippee! I finally got my stella ring! And in my size! I thought IF they had the ring it would only be in size 7. So excited! Thanks for the heads up Leann!

    • Yay! I’m glad you got it :D. I got the He Loves Me ring and I’ve been waiting for that at least 6 months now since the earlier retirement this year :).

  4. I finally was able to get the beige macrame bracelet, and the two tone diamond ring… the rings selection today was awesome!

  5. Paula Keinert says:

    Darn! Haven’t been on for a few days – school started this week and I didn’t know it was coming up. Everything I really wanted was already gone by the time I looked today after work. I put in some “still want it” requests, but I wonder if you ever get these, and when they might know if they can get any more – anyone have experience with this? It says the request is good until Sept. 29. That seems like a long time, especially since it says they will ship these in 4 days this time. I did get a couple; a primrose path, a zodiac and a midnight bloom clip for my daughter, who likes the black rhodium charms. I have about 5 on my still want it list, though…

  6. Paula Keinert says:

    Here’s another question – I happen to be a capricorn and got the capricorn zodiac agate charm – it was the only one that was $19.99 – the other zodiac agates were $49.99 – what’s that all about??? Do you think it was a mistake? Someone keyed in the wrong price? Not complaining! Just wondering….

  7. I picked up 2 bezels and 2 bands for my Imagine Grand watch I bought on Rue earlier in the year. :-) So sad to learn Pandora is phasing out all watches – they’re awesome!

    • Fantastic! Yes, I know :(. I wish they had more selection of Imagine straps on Rue. The ones I like have gold finishes :/.

  8. Rebecca Chang says:

    been visiting this site for a while and as a new charm bracelet fan, the info here is really great… Thanks Leann…

    Decided to post today as I need some info with regards to the rue la la sale… I’m based in singapore and managed to get a spreer to help me order during the sales (its also her first time ordering from rue la la too)… While she told me the order is completed, she did mention that it can only be confirmed once she receives the shipping… Can I check how long does rue la la take to ship their pandora sales orders? And is it true that once shipped then an order is cfmed?

    Thanks in advance…

    • Bonnie May says:

      When I make a purchase it says “Success! Your order is confirmed!” Sometimes they take a while to ship Pandora. I’m not positive, but I believe a post on a previous sale said that they don’t actually have the charms, P does, so they need to work through them. I’d say I usually get my stuff in about 10 days or so – they’re usually true to predicted times.

      • Rebecca Chang says:

        thanks Bonnie for the reply 😉 the lady said she phoned rue la la yest n they have since confirmed that the order was successful and tt they are pending P to ship the stocks to them…

      • Does the Vpost work in Rue la la? I see that Rue la la is one of the recommended merchant in Vpost website but i hv not tried…..

      • I haven’t heard of Vpost before?

      • Vpost is a overseas postage service by Singpost from Singapore. Once registered with Vpost, they provide a US address (non PO box one) for the merchant to send to. When Vpost received the goods, they will inform you via email for payment to ship to your country. The only issue is whether Rue la la accepts overseas credit card.

      • Rebecca Chang says:

        Hi Hazel, I not too sure which address the lady doing the spree used…but she cfmed it’s not a PO box address… She paid via international credit card… As I hv no other news from her apart from the last update on phoning rue la la, I think it shld be okie…

      • Oh, interesting. Rue says they accept international credit cards, but I haven’t heard that it’s worked for many customers.

    • Hi Rebecca. Rue La La is slow on shipping, my orders have an expected delivery date of September 2nd. The order should be confirmed upon checkout, but the money is usually not charged until they ship it.

      • Rebecca Chang says:

        Thanks Leann…. I guess the reason why she told me that the order was not cfmed initially might be due to the money not being charged… Hopefully she will get it by the 1st week of sept too, then I’ll be able receive my items by end sept;)

      • Good luck! I hope you get all your items :).

  9. Leann thank you for the great job you do. I love all your research on the different charm companies. This summer I became interested in Troll and subsequently I bought two bracelets! Also thank you for introducing me to Rue La La. I made several purchases and saved money only to buy more!

  10. Paula Keinert says:

    Went ahead and got my first Pandora ring – the diamond daisy ring – can’t wait! I hope it doesn’t become my next obsession, but I only have so many fingers! I like the nature themed charms, so I figured this two-tone would go with just about anything.