Pandora September 2014 Bracelet Promo

pandora-september-2014-bracelet-promoThe Pandora Autumn 2014 Collection is slowly trickling into stores and is now available in Australia and parts of North America including Puerto Rico.  Not only am I excited to buy these pieces, but the next free bracelet promotion is also around the corner and it’s gearing up to be the BEST ONE EVER!  After many requests, this will be the first event to include the Pandora Essence bracelet, as well as the barrel clasp silver, two-tone, and bangle.  The promotion will be from September 18th – 21st at participating retailers.

The Pandora Essence, regular silver, and bangle bracelets will be free with purchases over $100USD ($125CAD), and the two-tone bracelet requires a $500USD ($550CAD) spend.  In fact, even the gold bracelet will be part of this event, free with buying $3,000USD ($3,300CAD) worth of products!  It’s an incredible amount of money but what a deal if you’re in the market for gold.

Upgrades and substitutions will depend on the discretion of the franchise, so ask your local store for more details.  The bracelet promotion will not be available online but most websites will offer the promo via phone orders.  US retailers are not allowed to ship overseas, so if you’ll have to find a friend to help.  Do you have your wish list ready?  Are you looking forward to the free bracelet event?


  1. I’ve also been told that here in Canada the gold bracelet will be available for a $3,100 or $3,300 spend. Sorry but the $ amount was so high I was in shock so I kind of stopped listening after the “3”. LOL, only about 7 or 8 gold charms and clips to spend that!

  2. Laura Summers says:

    None of the charms available for purchase on central VA yet, but they have most of them in for viewing. “Belief” for Essence is already on back order.

    For anyone interested…”Balance” for Essence is no long available in moonstone. It was super limited, and from what my store said, they just couldn’t get enough for mass production. So glad I snagged one and got lucky – my store only ever got 3!

    The new Balance charm is a yin yang in what I assume is CZs coming out with the fall Essence line. I’m going to attach a picture! It’s the one at the very bottom.

    • Bonnie May says:

      Noooo! Balance was always on my wish list! Guess I’m going to have to find one ASAP. It was back ordered when I got my bracelet in Nov so I got Positivity, which I don’t think has worn very well – the white seems to be very grey. :( The new yin yang looks ok for a cz, but since I love moonstone…

      As for the bracelet promo, I could easily qualify for a new two-tone with my autumn wish list, but Troll has been eating my bead budget (budget, what a joke) so I may just go with collecting a regular barrel or bangle from two, maybe 3 stores & call it a day.

      • Aww, you definitely need to get one while they’re still around. I think I’ll splurge for the promo since there’s so many options :O.

      • My store still has a few Balance (grey moonstone) beads, I just got an extra for myself too. I’m in Australia though but happy to help if you need one!

      • They’re very pretty! My first one cracked though (from me dropping the bracelet :/), I exchanged it and it’s very pretty :).

      • Bonnie May says:

        Thanks for the offer. I ordered one online and they sent me Taurus instead. 😛 I played phone tag with them for about a week, and finally talked to them today. The lovely store is sending out the correct one before asking me to return Taurus! 😀

    • Love the new Balance! I’m definitely thinking of getting it even though I did get the grey moonstone too.

    • 2108karen says:

      thank you Leann

      I can’t wait to get my first Pandora bracelet – I have the Essence one, which I love, and I am ready to start a new one with a sea/beach theme.

      do you know if this will be the last promo/event for 2014 ? or maybe we will have another one close to X’mas ?

    • Loving the blue pave one

  3. Must… Refrain until promo… The time span between the fall collection debut and the promo is too long! I don’t think I will be able to wait!

  4. I cannot wait either, it is very tempting to start splurging weeks before the promo 😉

  5. I think I,m in need of a friend Narelle Australia!

  6. I’ve never actually done the promo before, so I’m hoping someone can enlighten me. Is the spend on JUST charms, or ANYTHING? As in, could I get a ring and a couple charms, to get my total to $100?

    • Laura Summers says:

      Yes! Anything that gets you to $100. Some stores have policies allowing even gift cards. For example, at my store maybe your items equal $90…and you don’t want to spend another $30+ for another item, just enough to get a free bracelet. My store will allow you to buy a $10 gift card to get to that $100! Some stores say you can only buy product though. But rings, jewelry, bracelets, charms, earrings, etc are DEFINITELY allowed!!! Enjoy. :)

    • Anything Pandora.

  7. As I live in England, do you know if the two tone bracelet will be available here and if so how much I need to spend to receive a free one? Thankyou.

    • I don’t have any details on the UK bracelet promo. If they did include it, I think it would be £625 probably.

      • Hope so, and thanks. Bit of a disappointment because the uk currency is worth more than where you live and they will charge us higher? Should charge us about 325-350.

      • I know :(. It’s not comparable at all.

  8. Zandrea Shortiss says:

    Is this promo going to be available in japan? Does anyone know? I’m travelling there at that time and want to pick up a few trip charms, and getting a free bracelet would be awesome. Thanks!

  9. Dani Buttons says:

    Does anyone know if you can use a gift card to make your purchases and still get the bracelet??

  10. Milady Lorille says:

    Wonder where are the participating retailers located… want to get a free bangle

  11. Hi – Is there anyone willing to ship to the UK, I’d love a free Essence bracelet. Please PM :-)

  12. A very generous promo! Do you know if for the Essence bracelet, you would need to buy Essence beads or does any purchase count towards the Essence bracelet?

    We are getting an Essence promo in October in Australia too, but ours is: Spend at least $100 on Essence items and get the black string bracelet free.

  13. Yes- pre buying tomorrow